The Nose Picker Kid

Nifty Girl participates in an online discussion about Beta Gal. The participants trade rumors and jokes about her. Blue Brain tells Nifty Girl that he was once the victim of cyber-bullying and it was very hurtful.

Internet Safety

Atomic Guy makes a friend online and decides to meet her at the park. Nifty Girl accompanies him and they encounter Dr. Burn's henchmen. We learn to never agree to meet a stranger.

Knock Knock Who's There?

The adoption of new digital technology is so rapid that a uniform and proactive concept of responsible use is often overlooked. This program helps demonstrate safe internet use, emailing and downloading procedures.

What is Cyberbulling?

Awareness greatly reduces the risk of becoming a victim of cyberbullying. This program demonstrates how prevent simple mistakes that can cause a bullying situation to get out of hand quickly.

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