Internet Privacy

The Blue Brain is on the internet and a pop-up window appears that says "you have won a $1,000,000,000. Click here to accept." Professor Atlas reminds the gang to never give out personal information over the net and use a nickname.

Internet Bullies: Keep Yourself Safe

Viewers learn the steps to take to stay safe if they are a victim of cyberbullying.

Internet Hoaxes

Enviro Girl reads "facts" on the internet and takes them for truth. We are reminded to not believe everything we read and to not spread false information.


The Super Citizens' rival, Dr. Burn, hacks into their computer system and launches a virus that turns all their emails into "mean mail".

Keep Private Information Private

Young children are now using digital devices. This program explains the importance of privacy on the internet by showing examples of what can happen when a digital device is used in an inappropriate manner.


Dr. Burn says the best way to defeat the Super Citizens is to embarrass them to the world. He hacks their website and defaces their pictures. He creates fake newspaper stories about them and launches several websites against them. The Super Citizens go to Professor Atlas for solutions to this problem.

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