HANDS - Priceless Possessions

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Have you ever thought, “What is my most prized personal possession?”

Should you, your many friends and acquaintances compare thoughts on
this subj
ect -- it is doubtful if two of you would come up with identical
thinking, because different people put different values on the same

Some people prize material things and can become attached to any
of a variety of things, ranging from a late model sports car -- a
house filled with antiques -- a special dog -- a wardrobe of
expensive clothing -- to a prized shotgun or coin collection.

Still others prize a faded photograph of a loved one, an heirloom
handed down from a great great grandparent, a deed that signifies
the last mortgage payment on the house, or the score card of a golf
game that testifies to a 187 yard hole-in-one.

No one can find fault with another person’s thinking, as most
people’s thoughts are entwined with emotions, making their
decisions extremely personal . . . . thus someone else can never
fully understand another person’s attachment to what, on the
surface, may seem quite worthless.

All of us have priceless possessions we take for granted every day.
We use them constantly from the moment we awaken in the
morning until we go to sleep at night. They perform “a thousand
and one” tasks for us and are always ready to leap into action at
our slightest command. They are dexterous, quick and extremely
adaptable, even when they are hot, cold, wet, dry, clean, dirty or

These priceless possessions come only two to a customer and are
not replaceable . . . our hands.

It is necessary for us to always watch our hands so they do not
get hurt. We must always be aware of and avoid situations that
can cause hand injuries.

Pay close attention when working at home on those everyday
spring chores. Lawnmowers, clippers, edgers, and shovels all
have sharp edges that if not handled properly can damage
those priceless possessions.

Keep focused on Safety at work AND at home!


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