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A Terminiation/Resignation/Non-Renewal/Reduction in Hours/Retirement/Transfer form must be completed by your office at the time of any of these events and immediately faxed to Personnel/Insurance (228) 826-1020. Please circle the appropriate term. This is crucial in administering correct payroll, insurance deductions, insurance claims and retirement issues. Please do not delay pending signatures, attachments, or board meeting dates. When you know an employee is leaving, WE need to know immediately. However, before submitting the original to the Superintendent's Office, signatures and attachments must be completed. The faxed form is for us to take immediate action if necessary. The original copy is the official document that the Board acts on, but may be as much as four or more weeks after the employee is gone, thus too late for proper payroll, insurance and retirement action.)

Please make sure your forms are filled in completely with all pertinent answers. These answers are necessary to address multiple issues. Example: Days to be transferred to PERS. If no days are on the books, insert 0; if a position such as student worker, put n/a. Do not leave it blank! If there are days on the books, put the number of days as of the day you are completing the form. If leaving prior to end of the year, make sure vacation days have been pro-rated as of last day employed. If going to another district or college - where? If you have dock pay to turn in, then last day employed would be the last day of dock pay turned in. Dock should be turned in as of the last month employed in, regardless to your payroll cut off dates. Date of resignation letter is not necessarily the termination date! Payoff is figured according to the last day employed. Do not turn dock days in for any days after the day you stated as their last day employed on the form.

Since forms have to be completed prior to the end of the school year, if there were any days noted to be transferred to PERS, we will be contacting the recordkeeper after last day to determine if days originally reported on the form need to be modified.

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