Personnel / Insurance

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Public Employees Retirement Systems (PERS) of Mississippi

Employee Insurance
               Policy EGC - Insurance Eligibility and Enrollment Guidelines
               Nurse Line 24/7 1.866.939.4721
               State and and Empmloyees' Life and Health Plan

Resignations / Terminations / Change in Hours
               Resignation / Termination / Change in Hours Form

Medical Leave / FMLA

               Policy GDRH - Leaves and Absences Certificated Employees
               Policy GDRHB Leaves and Absences Non-Certificated Employees
               Leaves and Absences


Marriage / Divorce / New Dependents

Change of Address

Educator License
               License Pending or License Upgrade
               Payroll Procedures (Policy DJC)

Explanation of Teacher Pay Raise For 05-06







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