HS CCSS English/LA Trainer of Trainers Binder

Binder Organization PowerPoint CCSS ELA CCSS Appendix MS ELA Frameworks PARCC MCF ELA Handouts Work Sessions Facilitators Materials
CCSS ELA 9-12 Front Cover MDE Implementation and PARCC Update CCSS ELA Intro & 9-12 CCSS ELA Appendix A MS ELA Frameworks Grade 9 PARCC MCF Intro and 9-11 Reading Standards 6-8 Reading Standards 9-12 Scavenger Hunt Participant TOT Facilitator's Guide
CCSS ELA 9-12 Inside Cover CCSS ELA 9-12 Training   CCSS ELA Appendix B MS ELA Frameworks Grade 10 CC Shifts in ELA Advancing Our Students Language and Literacy Unpacking Evaluation Form
MDE Non-Discrimination Policy     CCSS ELA Appendix C MS ELA Frameworks Grade 11   CC and Text Complexity Text Complexity: Qualitative Measures Rubric Text Complexity References and Resources
Materials Overview       MS ELA Frameworks Grade 12   Step 2: Qualitative Dimensions Text Analysis Jigsaw CCSS 9-12 Unit Planning
CCSS ELA 9-12 Binder Contents       MS ELA Elective Frameworks Grades 7-12   Compare and Contrast Modules A and B Grade 10 Informative/Explanatory Individual Text Planning  
CCSS ELA 9-12 USB Drive Item List           Student's Writing Sample Grade 9-10 Focus Standards for 9th Grade Unit Plan    
ELA 9-12 CCSS Cover Sheets           The Power of One's Words Complex Text #1 Speech    
          Complex Text #2 Novel Complex Text #3 Letter    
            Complex Text #4 Poem Research Project Example    
            Text Dependent Questions Letter from Birmingham Jail    
            MDE CCSS 9-12 Training      


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