BILLS: How to set up a bill for payment


Do not attach envelope's with your invoices unless they have postage on them. We use window envelopes.
An invoice must be signed off on before it can be paid.

The signed invoice, Purchase Order and Requisition are the only things we need. NO EXTRA COPIES PLEASE.

All Wal-Mart, Sam's, Staples and any other thermal receipt MUST BE copied to follow the receipt. They fade over time.
We do not pay Office Depot sales receipt, we only pay by the invoice they send so hold the receipt until you receive the invoice from our office, then send it in with the invoice.
If there are multiple invoices, you must attach a tape of the invoice totals only.

If an invoice is hand written,(ex. School & Carnival) run a tape to match their total. Their total may be incorrect. Please attach this on the back of the invoice.

DUPLICATE COPIES- Some invoices have white, green, blue, gold, ect., attach only ONE: preferably the original.

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