Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

October 13, 2008
Tour - St. Martin Attendance Center - 11:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.
St. Martin High School

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes: September 15, 2008

7. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgments & Celebrations (click to view)

  1. Superintendent's Attendance Awards
  2. St. Martin Curriculum Presentation

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Approve Student Activity Claim Dockets
    3. Approve Student Activity / Club Accounts
    4. Approve One Source Items
    5. Approve Purchase of 6 Buses
    6. Approve Not In Budget
    7. Amended Budget FY 08
    8. Surplus Property
    9. Award Bid for Musical Instruments - Katrina Replacements
    10. Construction In Progress
    11. Katrina Income

C. Tonya Green

  1. Approve Contractual Position - Steve Rudolph - East Central High School

D. Dr. Lisa McCartney

  1. Test Score Presentation

E. Laura McCool

  1. Approve Bus Turn Around (click to view)
  2. Approve Common Remitter Agreement with ING
  3. Approve Service Agreement with ING
  4. Safety Incidents

F. Carol Rudolph

  1. Cell Phone Update
  2. Tech Plan Update

G. Margaret Bush - Assistant Superintendent

  1. Approve Credit Recovery Policy (Presented 7/24/08, 9/15/08)
  2. Approve School Web Master Job Description (Revised 10/10/08)
  3. Approve Revised Compensation for Professional Development Coordinators
  4. Approve Revised Policy - IFCB - Field Trips and Excursions
  5. Approve Revised Policy - IDDD - Intellectually Gifted Education Programming
  6. Approve Revised Supplemental Salary
  7. Approve Licensure Application - Clarence Lomax
  8. Present Occupational Therapist Job Description

H. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

    1. f.y.i. 2009 Board Calendar
    2. f.y.i. School Tours
      • November 10, 2008 - East Central Attendance Center
    3. Approve Fund Raiser - St. Martin Upper Elementary
    4. Approve Resolution - Floyd Brune
    5. Michael Van Winkle - Request to ask County to Work on Drainage Ditch - SM Upper
    6. Michael Van winkle - Request to ask County to Improve / Repair Temporary Road - SM Middle School
    7. Approve Site for Shelter
    8. 16th Section
    9. Guild Hardy Architects / David Hardy / Quint Moran - Update on Building Projects

I. Trips (click to view list)

J. Legal Student Transfers (click to view list)

K. Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Banks, Gail Teacher (Retirement) - SM North St. Martin
Rudolph, Victoria Teacher - VC Lower Vancleave

L. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Bozeman, Laurisha Part-time food service - VC Middle Vancleave
Brune, Floyd Janitorial (Retirement) - St. Martin St. Martin
Jordan, Eddie Bus Driver - VC Vancleave
Payton, Marie Full-time food service - VC Lower Vancleave
Swift, Leslie Computer Tech - District District
Willis, Tyler After School Worker -EC East Central

M. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Asher, Tiffany TST Instructional Interventionist - SM East / SM North
(pending replacement at SM East)
St. Martin
Bailey, Linda Previously recommended to mentor 2 teachers, will only mentor 1 teacher - SM North
Adjust stipend from $2,000.00 to $1,000.00
St. Martin
Baldwin, Deadra Teacher - VC Lower
(10/13/08, A-3, rep. V. Rudolph)
Butler, Elizabeth Upgrade in license from A-5 to AA-5- EC High
Adjust salary accordingly effective 8/1/08
East Central
Cox, Tricia Upgrade in license from A-3 to AA-3- SM East
Adjust salary accordingly effective 8/1/08
St. Martin
Crawford, Jessica Recommended w/4 yrs. exp/verified 3 yrs. - SM High
Adjust salary accordingly effective 8/1/08
St. Martin
Dossett, Michael Verified additional yrs experience, AA-34 - EC Middle
Adjust salary accordingly effective 8/1/08
Everett, Michelle SPED Homebound Teacher - VC High
(9/19/08, $29.16 per hr)
Ford, Banita After school tutor - SM High
(9/1/08, $22.00 per hr, new position)
St. Martin
Garriga, Fonda Long Term Sub - 1st Grade Teacher - VC Lower
(9/29/08, rep. V. Rudolph)
Garrison, Amy SATP Tutor - VC High
(9/15/08, $22.00 per hr)
Heise, Angela After School Tutor - SM High
(8/6/08, $22.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Johnson, Tina Teacher - SM East
(10/6/08, A-5, rep. T. Asher)
St. Martin
Knight, Donna TST Coordinator - VC Lower
(8/1/08, change in title with new funding from Title I to District
Nelson, Sheree Upgrade in license -AA to AAA - EC High
Adjust salary accordingly effective 7/1/08
East Central
Riley, Katherine Teacher - SM North
(10/6/08, A-2, new position)
St. Martin
Stork, Cindy After School Tutor - EC Lower
(9/15/08, $22.00 per hr)
East Central
Vitiello, Ellery Teacher - SM North
(10/6/08, A-0, rep. G. Banks)
St. Martin
Wilson, Shannon Part-Time Gifted Teacher - SM North
(10/27/08, new position)
St. Martin
SM Middle After School Tutors (9/16/08, $22.00 per hr) (click to view) St. Martin

N. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Allen, Melissa Teacher Assist - VC Lower
(10/2/08, rep. S. Huff)
Jones, Alicia After School Worker - SM Upper
(9/22/08, $14.00 per hr)
St. Marin
Kahl, Kimberly K Teacher Assist - SM North
(10/6/08, new position)
St. Martin
Keim, Crystal Title I Assist - SM Upper
(10/14/08, rep. K. Romero)
St. Martin
Kuns, Charlotte Bus Driver - SM
(9/27/08, rep. D. Bowman)
St. Martin
Landry, Lee Bus Driver - SM
St. Martin
Lemon, Shari Distance Learning Facilitator - EC High
(10/14/08, rep. J. Law)
East Central
LuQuire, Amy K Assist - VC Lower
(9/17/08, rep. H. Bivins)
Pierce, Joseph Bus Driver - SM
(10/9/08, rep. C. Woods)
St. Martin
Stover, Heather After School Tutor - SM High
(8/6/08, $12.00 per hr, new position)
St. Martin
Young, Deborah Nurse / Grey Lady - SM
(9/29/08, new position)
St. Martin
SM North After School Tutors C. Heuser, C. Rodriguez, S. Montgomery
(9/16/08, $12.00 per hr)
St. Martin

O. Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Asher, Tiffany From: Teacher - SM East (pending replacement)
To: TST Instructional Interventionist - SM East / SM North
St. Martin

P. Non-Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Yennie, Theresa From: Part-time Food Service - VC High
To: Part-time Food Service - VC Lower

Q. Executive Session (click to view list)

  1. Student Cases

2. Legal Matters








Next Meeting - Monday, November 10, 2008
East Central Attendance Center


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