Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

August 10, 2009
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes - July 27, 2009

7. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgments and Celebrations (click to view)

Dr. Barry Amacker, Superintendent

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Approve Student Activity / Claim Docket
    3. Approve Student Activity / Club Accounts
    4. Present Student Activity / Club Accounts
    5. Approve Surplus Property
    6. Approve Not in Budget Items
    7. Approve Construction in Progress
    8. Approve Receipts and Disbursements
    9. Approve One Source Items
    10. Approve FY 10 Budget
    11. Approve Resolution to Levy Ad Valorem Taxes for 2009-2010

C. Dr. Lisa McCartney - Curriculum Director

    1. Approve Summer Curriculum Committee Pay

D. Lark Christian - Food Service Director

E. Tonya Green - Special Education Director

    1. Approve Private Contract with Long
    2. Approve Contractual Employee - Cothern
    3. Approve Additional Sick Days for Mary Ann Meehan

F. Laura McCool - Human Resources and Risk Management Director

    1. f.y.i. Workers Comp Update
    2. SI 2009 30 TP 07 27 2009
    3. SI 2009 31 TB 07 30 2009

G. Carol Rudolph - Technology Director

H. Margaret Bush - Assistant Superintendent

    1. Approve Licensure Application for Cheryl Magowan
    2. Approve Licensure Application for Zachary Rigdon
    3. Approve Licensure Application for Shannon Wilson
    4. Approve BEST Teacher Pay
    5. Approve FY2010 Homeless Budget
    6. Approve FY 2010 Homeless Application

I. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

    1. Eley Guild Hardy Architects
    2. Approve Bid Recommendation for the Re-Roof of the Vo - Tech - Saucier Brothers ($67,000.00)
    3. f.y.i. FY 2010 Local Plan Application Approval
    4. Approve 16th Section Leases (click to view)
    5. f.y.i. Non Payment of 16th Section Rent (click to view)

J. Trips (click to view list)

K. Legal Student Transfers (click to view list)

L. Licensed Educator Resignations 2009-2010


M. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2009-2010

Butler, Elizabeth Admin Asst - EC Middle
(8/3/09, rep. M. Polk)
East Central
Gay, Stephanie SPED Resource Teacher - SM Upper
(8/3/09, AA-2, new position)
St. Martin
Guy, Amy 4th Grade teacher (pending certification) - VC Upper
(8/3/09, A-0, rep. L. Carlin)
Hill, Holly 3rd Grade Teacher (pending certification)- VC Upper
(8/3/09, A-10, rep. Browning)
Howard, Lindey English Teacher (pending certification) - VC High
(8/3/09, A-3, rep C. Summer)
Magowan, Cheryl SPED Life Skills Teacher (pending certification) - SM Upper
(8/3/09, A-3, new position)
St. Martin
Powell, John P.E. Teacher - EC Middle
(8/3/09, A-29, rep. R. Neel)
East Central
Powell, John HS Football Defensive Coach - EC High
(8/3/09, $5,500.00 per yr, rep. R. Neel)
East Central
Seals, Stacy Teacher - SM North
(Receive upgrade in license to AA-4.
Adjust salary accordingly effective 8/3/09)
St. Martin

N. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2009-2010

Britt, Julia Secretary - District Office District Office
Cooper, Barbara Full-Time Food Service Worker - EC Middle East Central
Jones, Donna Full-Time Food Service - EC Lower East Central

O. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2009-2010

Alexander, Amy Teacher Asst - VC High
(Recommended for 2009 - 2010 with 3 yrs experience. 2 yrs have been verified. Adjust pay accordingly effective 8/5/09.)
Cooper, Barbara Full-Time Food Service worker - EC Lower
(8/4/09, rep. D. Jones)
East Central
Ditsworth, Joseph After School Student Worker - EC
(8/3/09, rep. S. Fairley)
East Central
Dunkin, Erica Fast ForWord Asst - SM North
(8/5/09, correcting annual recommendation 09 - 10)
St. Martin
Frederic, David After School Student Worker - EC
(8/3/09, rep. A. Frederic)
East Central
Landers, Veronica Regular route Bus Driver - Vancleave
(8/5/09, rep. W. Pastor)
Mann, Christopher ISD Teacher Asst - VC Middle
(8/5/09, rep. M. Thomas)
Nelson, Brad Bus Driver - EC
(8/5/09, rep. F. Mowdy)
East Central
Nelson, Gary Bus Driver - EC
(8/5/09, rep. P. Patterson)
East Central
Payne, John Mechanic - SM Transportation
(Recommended for 2009 - 2010 with 5 yrs experience, 2 yrs out of district have been verified and 2 yrs for the number of buses, total of 4 yrs. Adjust pay accordingly effective 7/1/09.)
St. Martin
Shumock, Cynthia Title I Teacher Asst - EC Lower
(8/5/09, increase in hours from 3.75 to 7.5)
East Central
Williams, Gina Bus Driver - EC
(8/5/09, rep. J. Overstreet)
East Central
Williams, Sarah Title I Asst - EC Lower
(8/5/09, rep .W. Carmeans)
East Central

P. Licensed Transfers within District 2009-2010


Q. Non - Licensed Transfers within District 2009-2010

Verette, Kathy From: SPED Asst - EC Upper
To: P.E. Asst - EC Upper
East Central


R. Executive Session

1. Student Cases (click to view)

2. Personnel Matters (click to view)



Next Meeting - Monday, September 14, 2009
Jackson County District Office

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