May 12, 2008

(listed by date of trip)

Date of Trip
Name of Trip/Workshop
Personnel Attending
Cost Source
March 6, 2008
The Angry Child, When the Kid Who Can, Won't
Mobile, AL R. Hopkins Special Ed
Apr 17, 2008
Promethean ACTIV Studio
Vancleave C. Rudolph No Cost
Apr 27-28, 2008
MSBA - AABC Conference
Jackson, MS M. Souza District
Apr 28 - 29, 2008
MSBA Legislative Update
Jackson, MS W. Rushing
H. Rushing
Business Services
Apr 29, 2008

P. Cassidy
K. Rogers
L. Seymour
V. Jones
D. Palmer
P. Heinrich
S. Dunnaway
T. Carroll
M. Frech
D. Barske
D. Waldrop
J. Rushing
T. Lumpkin
L. Callegari
C. Melvin
K. Rreynolds
A. Webster
J. McCoy
C. Colvin
J. Tanner
J. McDougall

No Cost
April 30,2008
Superintendents 2008 Post Legislative Briefing & Training
Jackson, MS M. Bush District
May 1, 2008
Vancleave T. Stallings
J. Murphy
A. Parker
D. Waits
D. David
A. Poulos
J. Forehand
R. Greathouse
S. Seals
E. Sumrall
K. Suarez
V. Hodges
B. Jackson
D. Williams
No Cost
May 2, 2008
Vanvleave C. Layton No Cost
May 3, 2008
Vancleave S. Beasley
L. Martin
T. Neaves
L. Younghouse
P. George
S. Marshall
A. Besse
T. Poole
P. George
M. Cates
V. McLaughlin
L. Wilson
C. Layton
C. Loreman
N. Wages
A. Johnson
No Cost
May 6 & 7, 2008
Tennis State Championship
Jackson, MS C. Stallings / Team Local Athletics
May 7, 2008
Vancleave A. Magee
T. Walters
J. Clark
H. Powell
A. Bosarge
R. Broussard
D. Magnuson
I. Meyer
J. Holcomb
V. Waltman
C. Robertson
E. Sumrall
S. Seals
K. Suarez
G. Banks
No Cost
May 15, 2008
Vancleave L. Davis
T. Wescovich
A. Partonas
L. George
T. Stallings
V. Hodges
C. Stallings
No Cost
May 22, 2008
"Make a Wish and Grant It!" Grant Writing Workshop
Hattiesburg, MS A. Rutledge Title I
May 26, 2008
C. Champagne
No No Cost ost
May 27 - June 6, 2008
Starkville, MS T. Green
C. Guy
Special Ed
May 29 - 30, 2008
Annual National Notary Conference
New Orleans, La D. Keebler
T. Albritton
June 2,3,& 4, 2008
Summer Training, MsRWA & MS Dept of
Enviromental Quality
Bay St. Louis, MS M. Baker Local Activity
June 2-6, 2008
MS Rising Summer Conference
Biloxi, MS A. Campbell Professional Development
Jun 2-6, 2008
Ms Rising Summer Conference
Biloxi, MS T. Green
C. Guy
M. Pavlov
S. Lovelace
T. Cox
C. Loreman
T. LaPrade
T. Mason
P. Keaney
G. McMeans
N. Davenport
Special Ed
June 15, 2008
Lexile/Quantile Conference
San Antonio, TX P. Westfaul Professional Development
June 15-17, 2008
STI MS Summer Conference
Raymond, MS J. Haynes
R. White
June 17 - 18, 2008
Coaching to Facilitate Change
Hattiesburg, MS L. Price Vancleave Activity
Jun 16-19, 2008
Annual Conference of the MASSP
Choctaw, MS R.L. Watson Local
June 19-24, 2008
How to Make a Yearbook
Dallas, TX J. Adkinson
P. Baum
Jun 22-28, 2008
Skills USA National Competition
Kansas City, MO D. Novak
C. Dobbs
Jun 30, 2008-Jul 3, 2008
The Gulf Coast Conference on the Teaching of Writing
Destin, FL V. Allen Title I
July 8, 2008
Vancleave A. Spirti No Cost
July 15 -17, 2008
Vancleave D. Williams No Cost
Jul 22, 2008
Writing Effective Grant Proposals
Gulfport R. White
L. Holder
Professional Development
Jul 22, 2008
Vancleave K. Ordahl
A. Batia
R. Ruching
S. Warren
No Cost
Jul 23, 2008
Vancleave S. Fredric No Cost


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