Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

May 12, 2008
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgments and Celebration (click to view list)

    1. Dr. Barry Amacker, Superintendent
      • Superintendent's Attendance Award
    2. Mike VanWinkle, Assistant Superintendent, St. Martin Schools
      • Linda Budinich, Principal, St. Martin North - Staff Recognition
    3. Hal Holmes, Assistant Superintendent, Vancleave Schools
      • Vancleave Attendance Center - Staff Recognition
      • Amy Peterson, Principal, Vancleave Lower - Staff Recognition
      • Penny Westfaul, Principal, Vancleave Upper - Staff Recognition
      • Joe Hubal, Principal, Vancleave Middle - Staff Recognition
      • Todd Knight, Principal, Vancleave High - Staff Recognition

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Approve Student Activity Claim Dockets
    3. Surplus Property
    4. Not In Budget Items (no changes)
    5. Construction In Progress ( no changes)
    6. Katrina Income (no changes)
    7. Receipts and Disbursements: April 2008
    8. Approve Student Activity Accounts: March 2008
    9. Present Student Activity Accounts: April 2008

C. Laura McCool - Human Resources and Risk Management Director

    1. SI 2008-LB 04 23 2008
    2. SI 2008-35 CL 04 152008
    3. SI 2008-36 PR 04 18 2008
    4. SI 2008-38 JW 04 30 2008
    5. SI 2008-39 NO 04 30 2008

D. Margaret Bush - Assistant Superintendent

E. Dr. Lisa McCartney - Curriculum Director

    1. Gifted Presentation

F. Tonya Green - Special Education Director

    1. Approve Contractual Services

G. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

    1. f.y.i. 2008 Graduations
      • East Central High School - May 16, 2008, 7:30 p.m.
      • St. Martin High School - May 19, 2008, 7:00 p.m.
      • Vancleave High School - May 20, 2008, 7:00 p.m.
    2. Approve Fund Raiser - St. Martin Middle Cheerleaders
    3. Approve Fund Raiser - Vancleave Upper Elementary
    4. Approve Jim Owen Group Photography Service
    5. Approve Floor restoration by J & L Janitorial for St. Martin Schools
    6. Approve Floor restoration by Jani-King for East Central Schools
    7. Approve Extended School Year for Grades 6-8, Jackson County Schools
    8. Approve Non-Payment of Maintenance Funds and Tution for Transfer Students
    9. Approve Memorial Day (May 26, 2008) and July 4, 2008, holidays for twelve month employees
    10. Approve Resolutions
    11. 16th Section
    12. Guild Hardy Architects / David Hardy / Quint Moran
    13. Update on Building Projects / Jennifer Seymour
    14. Future Building Plans

H. Trips (click to view list)

I. Legal Student Transfers (click to view list)

J Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2008-2009

McRaney, Robert Assistant Principal- VC Middle
(7/11/08, rep. J. Davis, E-21)

K. Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Ladnier, Joshua Coach/teacher-Vancleave Vancleave

L. Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Boccaleri, Lisa Teacher-VC Upper Vancleave
Bradley, Ellen Teacher-VC Upper Vancleave
Bryant, Lindsey Teacher- SM East St. Martin
Cuevas, Donna Teacher- SM East
St. Martin
Havard, Linda Teacher- EC High East Central
Hinton, Veta Teacher- SM High St. Martin
Ladnier, Joshua Coach/Teacher-Vancleave Vancleave
Sampson, Tammy Teacher-EC Middle East Central
Simpson, Lucretia Teacher- VC Lower Vancleave
Townsend, Devann Teacher-VC High Vancleave

M. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Dykes, Sharri Bus Driver - EC East Central
Dykes, Sharri Teacher Assistant - EC Lower East Central
Gibson, Mary Ann Part Time Food Service Worker - SM 8-9 St. Martin
Gillespie, Kim Bus Driver - Vancleave Vancleave
Lass, Lauren Teacher Assistant-SM North St. Martin
Reitz, Melanie Bus Diver - EC East Central

N. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Bourn, Aaron Co-Op Student Worker-EC Attendance East Central
Bradley, Haley Student Worker-EC High East Central
Butler, Marcos Co-Op Student Worker-EC High East Central
Dick, Douglas Bus Driver - Vancleave Vancleave
Edwards. Timothy SPED Teacher Assistant-Alternative Vancleave
Ehlers, Gina Co-Op Student Office Worker-EC Upper East Central
Havens, S.R. Bus Driver - Vanleave Vancleave
Jones, Jeanette Bus Driver - EC (Retirement) East Central
King, Kaycee Co-Op Student Worker-EC High East Central
Landers, Veronnica Bus Driver - Vancleave Vancleave
Lemon, Shari Teacher Assistant-EC Lower East Central
Lowe, Nancy SPED Assistant-EC Middle East Central
McDaniel, Ray Bus Driver - Vancleave Vancleave
Morrison, Todd Bus Driver - Vancleave Vancleave
Mouchett, Lauren Co-Op Student Worker-EC High East Central
Parker, Alliane Bus Driver - Vancleave Vancleave
Pierce, Dakota Co-Op Student Worker-EC Middle East Central
Stewart, Bonnie Student Office Worker-EC Middle East Central
Wright, Marie Bus Driver - Vancleave Vancleave

O. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Miller, Leighton Long Term SPED Sub-SM Middle
(4/8/08, Sub. for V. Blackstone)
St. Martin
Rake, Pat Teacher- SM Upper
(8/1/07, correction in yrs exp, AA-24, $52,830)
St. Martin
Summer Math Camp
St. Martin Upper
Summer Math Camp-SM Upper
(M. Randall, J. Clark, T. Mansfield, 6/9/08)
St. Martin
Thompson, Christine Teacher - SM Middle
(03/25/08, rep. S. Gruich)
St. Martin
Weems, Brandy Long Term Sub - SM High
(4/28/08, sub for N. French)
St. Martin

P. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Bryant, Lindsey Teacher-SM North
(8/1/08, rep. W. Mowery)
St. Martin
Corker, Rickey Computer Systems Technology
(7/22/08, rep. D. Woodward, AA-32)
Technology Center
Cox, Tricia SPED Teacher-ESY Vancleave
Cummings, Morgan Teacher-SM High
(8/1/08, rep M. Sherwood, A1)
St. Martin
Davenport, Nancy SPED Teacher-ESY Vancleave
Faklaris, Dana SPED Teacher-ESY Vancleave
Henson, Joshua Teacher- SM High
(8/1/08, upgrade in Educator License, AA-2)
St. Martin
Kell, Bethany Teacher-VC High
(8/1/08, rep. J. Bush, AA-5)
Landers, Veronica SPED Teacher-ESY Vancleave
Lenczuk, Steve ROTC - SM High
(8/1/08, rep. J. Souza)
St. Martin
Letort, Amy Speech Pathologist-SPED ESY Vancleave
Lovelace, Shirley SPED Teacher-ESY Vancleave
Mitchell, Christy Teacher-VC Lower
(8/1/08, rep. L. Simpson,A0)
Murphy, Janice Library- SM North
(8/1/08, rep D. Neal)
St. Martin
Pavlus, Charles Head Boys Basketball Coach- SM High
(8/1/08, rep. J. Henson)
St. Martin
Pavlus, Charles Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, rep. G. Nelms, A2)
St. Martin
Rake, Pat Teacher- SM Upper
(8/1/08, correction in yrs exp, AA-25)
St. Martin
Riess, Glenny SPED Teacher-ESY Vancleave
Rouse, Brenda SPED Teacher-ESY Vancleave
Salter, Leslie Teacher-VC High
(8/1/08, rep. D. Townsend, AA10)
Sampson, Tammy Teacher-EC High
(8/1/08, rep. R. Brown, AA7)
East Central
Smith, Leesa Food & Nutrition - EC High
(8/1/08, rep J. Gibson, AA0)
East Central
Townsend, Devann Teacher-SM High
(8/1/08, rep.R. Werthner, interim A)
St. Martin
Tracey, Kathy SPED Teacher-ESY Vancleave
White, Dana Teacher - EC High
(8/1/08, rep. A. Bowen, A-0)
East Central

Q. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Babineaux, Laurie Custodian - Alternative School
(3/31/08, rep. H. Ely, $7.48 per hr)
Alternative School
Brune, Floyd Summer Adult Worker - Janitor
(5/27/08, $9.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Harris, Thomas Maintenance-Vancleave
(5/13/08, Long term sub for E. Olsen, $9.00 per hr)
Knesel, Dina Staff Accountant, District
(5/5/08, hours as needed)
Central Office
Lee, John Summer Adult Worker
(5/27/08, $9.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Summer Adult Worker
East Central
Summer Adult Workers - East Central
(M. High,G. Long,S. Long,R. Neel, T. Stallings, P. Ditsworth, C. Elmore, R. Grimes, J. Guthrie, E. Johnson, P. Toussaint, S. Wells, 5/27/08, $9.00 per hr)
East Central
Summer Student Worker
East Central
Summer Student Workers - East Central
(L. Baker, T. Bonifacio, M. Boone, C. Cobb, J. Craft, J. Ditsworth, M. Ditsworth, S. Fairley, A. Fredric, K. Guthrie, R. Pittman, M. Portier, T. Puhr, J. Shows, B. Taulbee, C. Vaughn, T.Wells, 5/27/08, $5.85 per hr)
East Central
Lowery, Patricia Library Assistant - SM Upper
(4/1/08 Correction in yrs. experience)
St. Martin
Summer Camp Bus Driver
St. Martin North
Summer Camp Bus Driver - St. Martin North
(T. Mitchell, M. Breedlove, J. Perkins, C. Pavlus,
5/26/08, $11.00 per hr, no cost to district)
St. Martin
Summer Adult Camp Director
St. Martin North
Summer Adult Camp Director - St. Martin North
(M. Bilbo, E. Perkins, 5/26/08, $17.00 per hr, no cost to district)
St. Martin
Summer Adult Camp Worker
St. Martin North
Summer Adult Camp Workers - St. Martin North
(J. Carroll, R. Reeves, J. Wilson D. Underwood, M. Lepoma, H. Allen, A. Lumpkin, 5/26/08, D. Peeples, $14.00 per hr, no cost to district)
St. Martin
Summer Adult Worker
St. Martin
Summer Adult Workers - St. Martin
(M. Drawdy, J. Lee, Y. Anderson, J. Moran, B. Williams, 5/27/08, $9.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Summer Student Worker
St. Martin
Summer Student Workers - St. Martin
(J. Cassidy, B. Ford, 5/27/08, $5.85 per hr)
St. Martin
Summer Adult Worker
St. Martin North
Summer Adult Workers - St. Martin North
(B. Laird, T. Lyons, B. Williams, 5/26/08, $14.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Summer Student Worker
St. Martin North
Summer Student Workers - St. Martin North
(L. Williams, H. Seymour, D. Montgomery, S. Friday, B. Desporte, A. Holmes, 5/26/08, $9.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Summer Adult Worker
St. Martin
Summer Adult Workers - St. Martin
(S. Carroll, M. Farrington, , 6/1/08, $9.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Summer Adult Worker
Summer Adult Workers -Vancleave
(T. Alford, M. Porter, B. Van Winkle, 5/27/08, $9.00 per hr)
SummerStudent Worker
Summer Student Workers -Vancleave
(D. Van Winkle, 5/27/08)

R. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Aflague, Joseph SPED ESY Bus Driver Vancleave
Balius, Sandra Custodian-VC Upper
(8/1/08, rep. J. Crimm)
Bosarge, Regina SPED Assistant-EC High
(8/6/08, rep. M. Yates)
East Central
Breedlove, Margie Bus Driver-SM North (5/26/08) St. Martin
Brewer, Deborah SPED ESY Bus Driver Vancleave
Brewer, Deborah SPED ESY Job Coach Vancleave
Cochran, Lisa Teacher Assistant-EC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. B. Cumbest)
East Central
DeRise, Catherine Teacher Assistant-EC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. J. Richburg)
East Central
Landry, Lee SPED ESY Bus Driver Vancleave
Mitchell, Tammy Bus Driver-SM North (5/26/08) St. Martin
Monk, Dena SPED ESY Bus Driver Vancleave
Non-Licensed Personnel 2008-2009 School Year
(7/1/08, Alternative School, JCTC, Central Office, East Central, St. Martin, Vancleave, Food Service, Transportation)
District Wide
Roberts, Kelly Office Clerk-VC Upper
(8/1/08, rep. L. Barton)
Shumock, Cynthia Title I Assistant - EC Lower
(8/6/08, reduction in hours)
East Central
Yates, Myra Title I Assistant - EC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. S. Banks)
East Central

S. Licensed Transfers within District 2007-2008


T. Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Craft, Tracie From: 3rd grade tacher-VC Upper
To: SPED teacher-VC Upper

U. Non-Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Barton, Lindsey From: Office Clerk - VC Upper
To: Teacher Assistant - VC Upper
Carmens, Wanda From: Title Assistant- EC Upper
To: Title Assistant- EC Lower
East Central
Cochran, Rita From: D/D Aide - EC
To:D/D Bus Driver - EC
East Central
Dunkin, Erica From: Kindergarten - SM North
To: Fast For Word k-3 - SM North
St. Martin
Emmons, Jo Ella From: Sped Aide- EC
To: Sped bus driver- EC
East Central

V. Executive Session (click to view list)


Next Meeting - Monday, June 9, 2008
Jackson County District Office

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