Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

April 21, 2008
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes:

7. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgments and Celebration (click to view list)

    1. Dr. Barry Amacker, Superintendent
      • Superintendent's Attendance Award
    2. Mike VanWinkle, Assistant Superintendent - St. Martin
      • Dr. Tori Holloway, Principal St. Martin High - Staff and student recognition
    3. Dino Vecchio, Assistant Superintendent - East Central
      • Jim Hughey, Principal East Central High - Student recognition
    4. Margaret Bush, Assistant Superintendent
      • Parent of the Year
    5. Diane Novak, Director, Technology Center
      • Student Recognition

B. Curriculum Presentation

C. Diane Novak - Carl Perkins Funds FY2009 State Spending Plan

D. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Approve Claim Docket #2
    3. Approve Student Activity Claim Dockets
    4. Surplus Property
    5. Not In Budget Items (no changes)
    6. Construction In Progress ( no changes)
    7. Katrina Income (no changes)
    8. Receipts and Disbursements: March 2008
    9. Approve Student Activity / Club Accounts: February 2008
    10. Present Student Activity / Club Accounts: March
    11. One Source Items

E. Laura McCool - Human Resources and Risk Management Director

    1. Safety Incidents
    2. Approve School Bus Turnaround
    3. f.y.i. Safety Manual
    4. f.y.i. Incentive Plan

F. Margaret Bush - Assistant Superintendent

    1. Approve Compensation for Professional Development Coordinators 2008-2009

G. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

    1. Approve Letter to Board of Supervisors requesting paving at SM Schools
    2. Approve Permission to use area by the Gazebo
    3. Approve Medical Leave of Absence - Angela Ramsay - St. Martin East
    4. Approve Summer School - St. Martin High School - No District Cost
    5. Approve Allen Beverages - Vancleave Schools for 2008-2009
    6. Approve Jim Owen Group - Vancleave Schools for 2008-2009
    7. Approve Resolution - Teacher Appreciation Week
    8. Approve Resolution Proclaiming School District AABC Appreciation Week, April 20-26, 2008
    9. Approve Letter to Board of Supervisors Requesting repair/maintenance work at VHS
    10. Approve J & L Janitorial for flooring restoration at Vancleave Schools
    11. Approve Fundraiser Relay for Life - St. Martin East
    12. Approve Clerical Assistance 16th Section
    13. f.y.i. Letter MDE State Board
    14. f.y.i. Ms Forestry Commission Re: New St. Martin High
    15. Approve Wetlands Mitigation for SMHS site
    16. 16th Section
    17. Guild Hardy Architects / David Hardy / Quint Moran
    18. Update on Building Projects / Jennifer Seymour
    19. Future Building Plans
      f.y.i. - Proposed long term building plan for Vancleve High School

H. Trips (click to view list)

I. Legal Student Transfers (click to view list)

J. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2008-2009

Gruich, Stephanie Principal - St. Martin Middle
(D23, $73,100)
St. Martin
Wallace, Paul Assitant Principal - VCHigh
(7/11/08, new position, E11)

K. Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Woodward, Dan CST Instructor - Technology Center Technology Center

L. Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Batterman, Sandra Counselor - VCLower
Baxley, Teresa Speech Therapist - VCLower
Bishop, Josh Power Lifting Coach - ECHigh East Central
Bloomfield, Jim Boys Track Coach Vancleave
Campbell, Amy Cheerleader Coach - VCMiddle Vancleave
Crane, Doug Assistant Varsity Football Coach - ECHigh East Central
Denmark, Eric Teacher - High School Football Coach- VCMiddle Vancleave
Ehlers, Caroline Special Ed. Teacher - VCUpper Vancleave
Ferrer, Diane Psychometrist - Special Ed Central Office
Haarala, Karen Teacher - VCMiddle
High, Marcus Assistant Football Coach and Power Lifting Coach- VCHigh Vancleave
Holmes, Roman 9th Grade Head Football - VCHigh Vancleave
Knight, Brian Head Basketball Girls Coach and Head Basketball Girls Coach 9th Grade East Central
Lambes, Robert 7th & 8th Grade Asst. Football Coach Vancleave
McDaniel, Raymond Physical Ed, Drug/Safety Ed Teacher - VCHigh Vancleave
Naderhoff, Juie Special Education Teacher District Wide
Porter, Michael Golf Coach VCHigh Vancleave
Slider, William Track Coach - Boys/Girls - ECMiddle East Central
Tootle, Karen Dance Team Coach - VCHigh Vancleave

M. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Ely, Howard Custodian - Alternative School Alternative
Lucas, Brandy Food Service, Part-time- ECHigh East Central
Tanner, Lisa Food Service, Part-time- ECLower East Central
TerKeurst, Josh After school worker - EC East Central

N. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Bell, Gina Jr. High Head Girls Basketball St. Martin
Blake, Chris 7th-8th Football St. Martin
Breland, Robert Maintenance 1 - VC Schools
Crimm, Jeanette Custodian - VCUpper Vancleave
Cumbest, Brenda Teacher Assistant - ECLower East Central
Fayard, Kevin Assistant High School Football St. Martin
Griffin, Robert Assistant Boys Basketball High School and 7th-8th Girls Basketball St. Martin
Hebert, Randall Assistant Girls Soccer St. Martin
Henson, Josh Head Boys Basketball High School St. Martin
Holloway, Dwight 7th Head Football St. Martin
Hughes, Deborah Fast Pitch Softball St. Martin
Lott, Daysha 7th Girls Basketball St. Martin
Martin, Candi Assistant High School Band - VCHigh Vancleave
Martin, Linda Teacher Assistant - VCLower Vancleave
Moran, John 7th Assistant Football St. Martin
Neaves, Tracey Yearbook 8th and 9th St. Martin
Rankin, Josef Assistant Jr. High Head Football St. Martin
Sebastian, Lois Teacher Assistant - ECLower
East Central
Smith, April Assistant High School Band St. Martin
Tindle, Kaye Dance Team Coach - ECHigh East Central
Usry, James Boy's Soccer Coach - ECHigh East Central
VanPetten, Patricia Bus Driver
East Central
Waits, Danelle Teacher Assistant, Bus Driver, Yearbook Sponsor - St. Martin North St. Martin
Weathersby, Ethel Food Service, Part-time-VCLower Vancleave

O. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Holbrook, Lorrie Long Term Substitute - VCLower
(3/25/08, Sub. for C. Green, $100.00 per day)
Mitchell, Christy Long Term Substitute - SMUpper
(3/24/08, Sub. for K. Caldwell, $100.00 per day)
St. Martin
Rouse, Brenda SPED After School Tutor
(3/31/08, $22.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Weems, Brandy English Teacher - SMHigh
(8/1/08, rep. V. Perkins, AA-7)
St. Martin
Wilson, Shannon Long-Term Sub - SMNorth
(4/21/08, rep. D. Trojanovich)
St. Martin

P. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Alford, Todd Assistant Football Coach - VCHigh
(8/1/08, rep. M. High)
Bowen, Ronnie Boys' Basketball Coach, Social Studies/Drivers Ed
(8/1/08, new position, AA-3)
Davis, Ryan Teacher - SMEast
(previously recommended w/1 yrs exp, change to2 yrs exp, adjust contract accordingly)
St. Martin
Edwards, Timothy Physical Ed/Teacher - Alt. School
(8/1/08, 0 yrs exp)
Ferrer, Dianne District Test Coordinator/Counselor
(8/1/08, rep. M. Hinton, AAA-19)
Central Office
Garrison, Amy Special Ed Teacher - VCHigh
(8/1/08, rep. W. Adams, A-2)
Holbrook, Lorrie Teacher - VCLower
(8/1/08, new position, AA-5)
Johnson, Jeana Teacher - St. Martin North
(8/1/08, rep. K. Sandrowitz, A-0, $33,130)
St. Martin
Ladner, Joshua Social Studies, P.E. Teacher - VCHigh
(8/1/08, pending certification, A-0)
Lyons, Thomas Teacher - SMHigh
(8/1/08, Received AA, adjust salary accordingly, $36,025)
St. Martin
Nores, Gina Teacher - SMNorth
(8/1/08, Received AA, adjust salary accordingly, $47,785)
St. Martin
Richards, Michelle Yearbook Director - SMEast
(8/6/08, $600)
St. Martin
Seymour, Beth Teacher - VCUpper
(8/1/08, rep. T. Drawdy, A-O)
Slade, Thomas History Teacher - VCHigh
(8/1/08, new position, changing from half-time to full-time, AA-8, $41,170)
Supplement Schedule Supplement Schedule - East Central, St. Martin, Vancleave District Wide
Thompson, John ROTC Instructor - SMHigh
(7/1/08, salary based on military budget, $71,230)
St. Martin

Q. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Anderson, Yenette Special Ed Assistant
(3/10/08, rep. D. Woody, 0 yrs exp)
St. Martin
Ferguson, Barbara Full-time Food Service
(3/24/08, rep. C. Lamey, 0 yrs exp)
St. Martin
Foster, Mary Alice Maid - SMEast
(3/11/08, rep. H. Ewing, 4 yrs exp)
St. Martin
Goff, William Bus Driver - EC
(2/26/08, previously recommended w/4 yrs. exp., 6 yrs. in district verified, adjust pay accordingly, $12.15 per hr)
East Central
Graves, Odessa Part-time Food Service
(4/15/08, rep. B. Lucas, $7.59 per hr)
East Central
Logan, Penny Part-time Food Service - VCLower
(4/8/08, rep. J. Babin, $7.59 per hr)
Lowery, Patricia Library Assistant
(4/1/08, rep. S. Moore, 1 yr exp, $2,917)
St. Martin
Hall, Tonya Food Service, Full-time - ECLower
(3/11/08, rep. K. Nelson, $7.66 per hr)
East Central
Reed, Naomi Sped Bus Aide - EC Schools
(increase in hours-up to 4 or more, effective 4/1/08)
East Central
Souza, Marie School Board Secretary
(4/22/08, 3 yrs exp, $4,596.)
Central Office
Stewart, Tammy Part-time Food Service
(3/24/08, rep. L. Tanner, $7.59 per hr)
East Central
Summer Student Workers
St. Martin
Summer Student Workers - St. Martin
(5/27/08, T. Ross, J. Guice, C. Aldrich, $5.85 per hr)
St Martin
Summer Student Workers
Summer Student Workers - Vancleave
(5/27/08, O. Anderson, E. Bosarge, T. Bray, B. Deschamp, M. Gunter, S. Hodges, C. Jones, B. Madden, J. Moore, M. Vecchio, D. Whittle, A.J. Wise, $5.85 per hr)
Adult Summer Workers
St. Martin High
Adult Summer Workers - SMHigh
(5/27/08, E. Stanley, G. Williams, C. Blake, C. Letort, J. Rankin, D. Lepoma, $9.00 per hr)
St Martin
Adult Summer Workers
Summer Adult Workers - Vancleave
(5/27/08,J. Bloomfield, M. Henry, R Holmes, J. Blalock, J. Ladner, F. Brown, S. Duncan, M. Franklin, K. Inabinett, B. Madden, M. Jenkins, E. Murphy,$9 per hr)
Summer Camp Directors
St. Martin East
Summer Camp Directors - SMEast
(5/25/08, L. Cummings, D. Magnuson, T. Asher, $17.00 per hr, no cost to district)
St. Martin

Summer Camp Adult Workers
St. Martin East

Summer Camp Adult Workers - SMEast
(5/25/08, P. Hardy, C. Jones, K. Ross, D. Waldrop, J. Simmons, T. Carroll, A. Campbell, K. Magnuson, A. Cox, J. Windham, A. Rushing, V. Jones, L. Seymour, C. Borries, $14. per hr, no cost to district)
St. Martin

Summer Camp Student Workers
St. Martin East

Summer Camp Student Workers - SMEast
(5/25/08, M. Mallette, B. Martino, L. Waldrop, $9.00 per hr, no cost to district)
St. Martin
Summer Camp Directors
St. Martin Upper
Summer Camp Directors - SMUpper
(5/26/08, L. Nowacki, H. Powell, $17.00 per hr, no cost to district)
St. Martin

Summer Camp Adult Workers
St. Martin Upper

Summer Camp Adult Workers - SMUpper
(5/26/08, P. Houseman, P. Heinrich, F. Newby, T. Poelma, P. Ballard, C. Hise, M. Breedlove, $14.00 per hr, no cost to district)
St. Martin

Summer Camp Student Workers
St. Martin Upper

Summer Camp Student Workers - SMUpper
(5/26/08, C. Randall, E. Page, A. Peolma, S. Houseman, $9.00 per hr, no cost to district)

St. Martin
Tanner, Lisa Food Service, Full-time - ECLower
(3/11/08, rep. L. Davidson, $7.77 per hr)
East Central

R. Licensed Transfers within District 2007-2008

Ross, David Teacher - SMHigh
(2/27/08, rep. D. Laney, transfer from Sped to Social Studies)
St. Martin

S. Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Colvin, Cheryl Science Teacher - ECMiddle
(8/1/08, rep. S. Brandon, transfer from 8th gr to 6th gr)
East Central
Denmark, Eric P.E. - EC Middle
(8/1/08, rep. vacancy, A-15, transfer within district)
East Central
High, Marcus Teacher/P.E. - ECHigh
(Transfer within District)
East Central
May, Jonathan Science Teacher - ECMiddle
(8/1/08, rep. C. Colvin, transfer from 6-8th gr P.E.)
East Central
Meyers, Brigette Assistant Principal - SMNorth
(7/1/08, new position, AAAA-12, transfer within district)
St. Martin

T. Non-Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Blank, Stephanie Teacher Assistant - ECLower
(8/6/08, rep. L. Sebastian, transfer from Title 1)
East Central
Ely, Anita Assistant - VCMiddle
(8/6/08, Transferring from VCUpper)
Holden, Felicia Teacher Assistant - ECLower
(8/6/08, rep. M. Taylor, transfer from Title 1)
East Central
Richburg, Jana Teacher Assistant - ECLower
(8/6/08, rep. J. Ely, transfer from Title 1)
East Central
Waits, Danielle Bookkeeper - Technology Center
(8/6/08, rep. B. Ferguson, 9 yrs exp, $17,442, transfer from SMNorth)
Technology Center

U. Executive Session (click to view list)


Next Meeting - Monday, May 12, 2008
Jackson County District Office

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