Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

March 24, 2008
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes: January 7, 2008

7. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgments and Celebration (click to view list)

    1. Dr. Barry Amacker, Superintendent
    2. Tammy Wolverton, East Central Upper Interim Principal
      • Staff
    3. Diane Novak, Technology Center Director
      • Staff
      • Students
    4. Dr. Lisa McCartney, Curriculum Director
      • Student
    5. Dr. Tori Holloway, St. Martin High Principal
      • Staff
      • Students

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Approve Student Activity Claim Dockets
    3. Surplus Property
    4. Not In Budget Items (no changes)
    5. Construction In Progress
    6. Katrina Income
    7. Receipts and Disbursements: February 2008
    8. Approve Student Activity / Club Accounts: January 2008
    9. Present Student Activity / Club Accounts: February 2008

C. Laura McCool - Human Resources and Risk Management Director

    1. Approve School Bus Turnaround

D. Carol Rudolph - Technology Director

E. Dr. Lisa McCartney - Curriculum Director

    1. f.y.i. Data Previously Requested

F. Tonya Green - Special Education Director

    1. Approve Contractual Position, ECL In/After School Tutor, Birtie Johnson
    2. Approve Private Contract, Ana Epps

G. Lark Christian - Food Service Director

    1. Approve Food Service Prices for 2008-2009

H. Lynn Brewer - Interim Assistant Superintendent

    1. New Policy Presented for Board Review

I. Margaret Bush - Assistant Superintendent

    1. 2007 Title III Accountability Report
    2. New Policies Presented for Board Review

J. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

    1. Approve Book Fair, ECU
    2. Approve Fund Raiser, SMH
    3. Approve Letter to Board of Supervisors requesting paving at EC Schools
    4. Approve Increase in Teacher Allocations for 2008-2009
    5. Approve Mileage Reimbursement rate to $0.505 per mile, effective March 19, 2008
    6. 16th Section
    7. f.y.i. Seimens Presentation by Matt Ridley
    8. Approve Guild Hardy Architects - slab removal at SMU and SMM
    9. Approve To Withdraw Second Appeal to FEMA - NFIP Reductions
    10. Guild Hardy Architects / David Hardy / Quint Moran
    11. Update on Building Projects / Jennifer Seymour
    12. Future Building Plans
      • f.y.i. Technology Center, Diane Novak

K. Trips (click to view list)

L. Legal Student Transfers (click to view list)

M. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2007-2008


N. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2007-2008

Gruich, Stephanie Principal - SMMiddle
(3/25/08 rep. M. VanWinkle, AA-20, $21, 321)
St. Martin

O. Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Gruich, Stephanie Teacher - SMMiddle St. Martin
Johnson, Bertie Long Term Sub - ECLower East Central
McDaniel, Raymond Coach - Golf - VCHigh Vancleave

P. Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Bailey, Michael Teacher - SMMiddle St. Martin
Blake, Robert Teacher - SMMiddle
St. Martin
Bowen, Ashley Teacher/Yr. Book Sponsor - ECHigh East Central
Brandon, Susan Teacher - ECMiddle East Central
Brown, Randall Teacher - ECHigh
East Central
Chadick, Jeanie Speech - SMNorth
St. Martin
Drawdy, Tally Teacher - VCUpper Vancleave
Fields, Monica Teacher - ECUpper East Central
French, Nita Teacher - SMHigh St. Martin
Gibson, Addie Teacher - ECHigh
East Central
Green, Crystal Teacher - VCLower Vancleave
Lee, Gretchen Teacher - SMEast St. Martin
McDaniel, Raymond Coach-Football/Basketball - VCHigh Vancleave
Mowrey, Wendy Teacher - SMNorth
St. Martin
Neal, Dana Librarian - SMNorth
St. Martin
Owens, David Head Coach Basketball - VCHigh Vancleave
Rodriguez, Steve Teacher - SMHigh St. Martin
Sanders, Dennis Teacher - SMHigh St. Martin
Sandrowitz, Karen Kindergarten Teacher - SMNorth
St. Martin

Q. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Britt, Julia Secretary Human Resources - Central Office Central Office
Ewing, Hettie Custodian - SMEast St. Martin
Ferguson, Barbara Bookkeeper - Jackson Coutny Technology Center Technology Center
Holder, Brooke Grey Lady - VCLower Vancleave
Landers, James Bus Driver - Vancleave Vancleave
Moore, Sabrina Title 1 Assistant - SMUpper St. Martin
Nelson, Karen Full-time Food Service - ECLower East Central
Reynolds, Laura Part-time Food Service - VCMiddle Vancleave
Woody, Derek Sped Assistant - SMHigh St. Martin

R. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Landry, Jacqueline Bus Driver - St. Martin
St. Martin
Smith, Natalie Assistant - SMNorth St. Martin
Yates, Myra Assistant - ECHigh East Central

S. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Bowles, Terri SATP Tutor - ECHigh
(3/25/08, 1-2 hrs. per day, $22 per hr.)
East Central
Cooper, Raven Teacher - SMNorth
(Received pending license, valid 2/2/08, A-0, $13,507)
St. Martin
Davis, Betty Lynn SATP Tutor - ECHigh
(3/25/08, 1-2 hrs. per day, $22 per hr.)
East Central

T. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Certified Positions Licensed Educator Recommendations
(7/1/08, East Central, St. Martin, Vancleave, Alternative School, Technology Center, Special Education, Central Office, salaries will be determined by certificate and years experience, salaries will be calculated after the legislature takes action on the teacher pay raise)
District Wide
Blake, Robert Teacher - SMHigh
(8/1/08, rep. B. Sharpe, AA-6)
St. Martin
Carter, Amanda Teacher - SMHigh
(8/1/08, rep. D. Sanders, A-0)
St. Martin
Drawdy, Tally Teacher - ECUpper
(8/1/08, rep. M. Fields, AA-22)
East Central
Erwin, Renee Teacher - VCLower
(8/1/08, rep. C. Green, A-4)
Fields, Monica Teacher - ECLower East Central
Owens, David Transportation Director - Vancleave
(7/18/08, rep. B. Davis, $12,610)
Trochesset, Megan Teacher - SMHigh
(8/1/08, rep. S. Rodriguez, A-0)
St. Martin
White, Penny Teacher - ECLower
(8/1/08, rescinds resignation approved on 2/18/08, A-4)
East Central

U. Non-Licensed Recommendations 2007-2008

Adkins, Carol Grey Lady - VCLower
(3/3/08, rep. B. Holder, 0 yrs. exp., $3077)
Allen, Christopher Student Summer Worker
(5/20/08, rep. B. Roberts, $5.85. per hr.)
Technology Center
Anderson, Odell Student Worker
(3/25/08, rep. K. Clifton, $5.85 per hr.)
Brewer, Deborah Paraprofessional Transitional Specialist w/SPED
(2/11/08, revised recommendation, $10.29 per hr, as needed)
East Central
Britt, Julia Secretary Assistant Superintendent - Central Office
(3/25/08, rep. E. Adams, 8 yrs, $6,334)
Central Office
Goff, William Bus Driver - East Central
(2/26/08, 4 yrs. exp., $11.89 per hr.)
East Central
Heuser, Casey After School Tutor - SMNorth
(2/11/08, 2 hrs per day, $12 per hr.)
St. Martin
Jordan, Eddie Bus Driver - Vancleave
(2/1/08, 0 yrs. exp.)
Ledbetter, Connie Custodian - VCHigh
(2/18/08, rep. J. Carnley, 0 yrs. exp., $3,890)
Havis, Mavis Part-time Food Service - VCMiddle
(2/25/08, rep. L. Reynolds, 0 yrs. exp., $7.59 per hr.)
Morrison, Todd Bus Driver - VC
(3/12/08, 3 yrs. exp., $11.75 per hr.)
Perry, Breanne After School Tutor - SMNorth
(2/13/08, 2 hr. per day, $12 per hr.)
St. Martin
Reynolds. Laura Full-time Food Service - VCMiddle Vancleave
Verrett, Kathy Sped Asst. - ECUpper
(2/25/08, rep. A. Moore, 15 yrs. exp., $5612)
East Central
Weeks, Sharon Bus Driver - East Central
(3/3/08, 0 yrs. exp., $11.35 per hr.)
East Central

V. Degreed Resignations 2007-2008

Knesel, Dina Staff Accountant - District

W. Degreed Recommendations 2007-2008

Knesel, Dina Interim Staff Accountant - District
(3/25/08, as needed, up to 40 hrs)

X. Licensed Transfers within District 2007-2008


Y. Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009


Z. Non-Licensed Transfers within District 2007-2008


AA. Executive Session (click to view list)

Next Meeting - Monday, April 21, 2008
Jackson County District Office

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