Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

January 28, 2008
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgments and Celebration (click to view list)

    1. Lynn Brewer, Interim Assistant Superintendent
      • Attendance Center Asst. Supt's. - Teacher of the Year Nominees
    2. Dino Vecchio, East Central Assistant Superintendent
      • James Hughey, Principal, EC High School Student recognitions

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Approve Claim Docket #2
    3. Approve Student Activity Claim Dockets
    4. Surplus Property
    5. Not In Budget Items (no changes)
    6. Construction In Progress
    7. One Source
    8. Katrina Income
    9. Approve Student Activity / Club Accounts: November 2007
    10. Present Student Activity / Club Accounts: December 2007
    11. Receipts and Disbursements: December 2007

C. Laura McCool - Human Resources and Risk Management Director

    1. Approve Bus Turnaround
    2. Safety Incidents

D. Carol Rudolph - Technology Director

E. Dr. Lisa McCartney - Curriculum Director

    1. Presentation: Test Scores FY07

F. Tonya Green - Special Education Director

G. Lynn Brewer - Interim Assistant Superintendent

H. Margaret Bush - Assistant Superintendent

  1. Approve Hurricane Educator Assistance Program (HEAP) Application
  2. New Policies Presented for Board Review

I. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

    1. Approve Library Book Fair 2008, SME
    2. Approve Library Book Fair 2008, VCU
    3. Approve Transition Request
    4. Approve Fund Raiser, SME
    5. Approve Addendum To Agreement of The Service Company, LLC
    6. Approve MEMA Designation of Applicant Agent (Hurricane Ivan)
    7. Approve Medical Leave of Absence - Brittany Hammett, VC Upper, approx. 2/18/28-3/28/08
    8. Approve Medical Leave of Absence - Andrenett Carter, VC High, 1/4/08-5/22/08
    9. f.y.i. Lemoyne School Property Revitalization Project
    10. f.y.i. Request for Improved Project - FEMA
    11. 16th Section (click to view list)
      • a.*Rescind Motion Approval ~ Hometown Grocery
      • b.*Approve Assignment of Leasehold Interest Hal Craig Davis (aka H.P. Davis Grocery) to Hometown Grocery
    12. f.y.i. Administrative Projected Enrollments - Vancleave High School, St. Martin North
    13. Approve Special Board Meeting on February 28, 2008, to award contract for new SMHigh School
    14. Guild Hardy Architects / David Hardy / Quint Moran
    15. Update on Building Projects / Jennifer Seymour
    16. Future Building Plans

J. Trips (click to view list)

K. Legal Student Transfers (click to view list)

L. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2007-2008

Michael VanWinkle Principal - SM Middle
(transferring in district)
St. Martin

M. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2007-2008

Michael VanWinkle Assistant Superintendent - SM
(1/29/08, rep. B. Amacker, AAA, B13, $36,915)
St. Martin

N. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2008-2009

Hubal, Joe Principal - VC Middle
(previously approved as 2007-2008)

O. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2008-2009

Licensed Administrators Central Office, East Central, St. Martin, Vancleave, JCTC, Alternative School District Wide

P. Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Henson, Josh Asst. Boys Basketball Coach
St. Martin
High, Marcus Head Boys Track Coach - VC Vancleave
Marble, Beth Long Term Substitute - EC Upper East Central
Scarborough, Shae Head Boys Basketball Coach - SM High St. Martin

Q. Non-Licensed Educator Terminations 2007-2008

Hamilton, Chanae Student Worker St. Martin

R. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Baker, Erica Life Skills Assistant. - SM North St. Martin
Clifton, Kirby Student Worker - VC Admin Vancleave
Henderson, Vivian Bus Driver - SM St. Martin
Kiernan, Brittany Teacher Assistant - SM North St. Martin
Moore, Amy Sped Assistant - EC Upper East Central
Peek, Michelle Custodian - Central Office Central Office
Roberts, Mary Sped Bus Aide - EC East Central
Scarbrough, Shane Full Time Driver - EC East Central
Yennie, Theresa Part-time Food Service Worker - VC Lower Vancleave

S. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Bloomfield, Jim Boys HS Track Coach - VC High
(1/30/08, rep. M. High, $1,200)
Davis, Betty Davis Distance Learning Supplement- ECHigh
(7/1/08, $1,000 per year, as per policy)
East Central
Dismuke, Delores Long term substitute - ECUpper
(1/22/08, rep. M. Cadman, $100 per day)
East Central
Griffin, Robert Interim Asst. Boys Basketball Coach - SMHigh
(12/6/07, rep. J. Henson, A-10, $1,447)
St. Martin
Henson, Josh Interim Head Boys Basketball Coach - SM High
(12/6/07, rep. S. Scarborough, A-1, $1,907)
St. Martin
Johnson, Huey Teacher - SMEast
(11-26-07, originally recommended as an A-3, only 2 years verified, please adjust salary accordingly, A-2, $20,153)
St. Martin
LaPrade, Theresa Homebound Teacher - Sped Teacher - Alternative School
(1/16/08, $28.83 per hour, not to exceed 4 hrs per week)
Lowell, Karen Homebound Teacher - Sped Teacher - ECHigh
(1/7/08, $31.98 per hour, not to exceed 4 hrs per week)
East Central
McMillan, Kelly Nurse - Sped.
(1/3/08, originally recommended as an A-3, only 1 year has been verified, please adjust salary accordingly, A-1, $16,757)
Special Ed.
Madden, Bart Long Term Sub - VC High
(1/14/08, (sub for M. Fisher, medical leave))
Miller, Deiter Distance Learning Supplement- SMHigh
(7/1/08, $1,000 per year, as per policy)
St. Martin
Moran, John Head Boys Track - SM
(1/10/08, rep. C. Letort, A-0, $1,200)
St. Martin
Moran, John Head Jr. High Boys Track
(1/10/08, rep. C. Letort, A-0, $ 900)
St. Martin
Teachers FY08 National Board Supplements
(FY08 National Board Supplement, M. Hobdy, T. Mason, $3,000 per teacher, click on Teachers to see list)
St. Martin
Transportation Supervisors Transportation Supervisor
(Correction to original recommendation, VC-B. Davis, $11,671/ SM-C. Savoy, $11,588/EC-M. Polk, $12,919)

East Central
St. Martin

After School Tutor - SMN
After School Tutor - SM North
(1/28/08, Raven Cooper, $22 per hour)
St. Martin
After School Tutoring
After School Tutor - ECUpper
(1/7/08, Joanna Dunsford, $22 per hour)
East Central
After School Tutor - VCL
After School Tutor - VCLower
(1/9/08, Victoria Rudolph, $22 per hour)
After School Tutor - VCM
After School Tutor - VCMiddle
(1/28/08, Kristen Bellman, Janna Tolar, $22 per hour)
SATP After School Tutor - VCH
SATP After School Tutor - VCHigh
(1/14/08, Teresa Hay, $22 per hour)
After School Tutor - ECL
After School Tutor - ECLower
(1/15/08, Melinda Sharpton, $22 per hour)
East Central

In School Tutor

In School Tutor - SM Upper
(1/22/08, Charlotte Lee, $22 per hour)
St. Martin

T. Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Breazeale, Judy Teacher - St. Martin High
St. Martin
Davis, Brian Transportation Supervisor - VC Vancleave
Hawthorne, Amanda Teacher - St. Martin High St. Martin
Laney, Deborah Teacher - St. Martin High
St. Martin
Moore, Donna Teacher - St. Martin Middle
St. Martin
Nelms, Gordon Teacher - St. Martin High
St. Martin
Perkins, Vadis Teacher - St. Martin High
St. Martin
Powell, Diane Sped. Teacher - St. Martin Middle
St. Martin
Sharp, Barry Teacher - St. Martin High
St. Martin
Werthner, Raymond Teacher - St. Martin High
St. Martin

U. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

High, Marcus Head Football Coach - EC High
(7/1/08, rep. J. Rogers, $5,785)
East Central


V. Non-Licensed Recommendations 2007-2008

Babin, Jennifer Part-time Food Service - VC Lower
(1/16/08, rep. T. Yennie, $7.57 per hour)
Barbour, Tiffany Sped. Student Worker - EC High
(1/7/08, $5.85 per hour)
East Central
Cumbest, Tanya Custodian - Central Office
(1/29/08, rep. M. Peek, $7.79 per hour)
Central Office
Dock, Steven Sped. Student Worker - EC High
(1/7/08, $5.85 per hour)
East Central
Dorn, Soyna Bus driver - SM
(1/8/08, rep. V. Henderson, 1 yr. exp., $11.48 per hour)
St. Martin
Jordan, Eddie Bus driver - VC
(1/29/08, $11.35 per hour)
Lancon, Debra Sp.Ed. Teacher Assistant, SMNorth
(1/17/08, rep. M. Toothman, 0 yrs. exp., $ 5,812)
St. Martin
Landers, Veronnica Sp. Ed. Bus Driver - VC
(1/29/08, new sp.ed. route, $11.35 per hour)
Nguyen, Paulina Student Worker - SM High
(1/4/08, rep. C. Hamilton, $5.85 per hour)
St. Martin
Reed, Naomi Sped Bus Aide - EC
(1/22/08, rep. M. Roberts, $7.88 per hour)
East Central
Rodriguez, Catrina Title 1 Assistant - SMNorth
(1/23/08, rep. B. Kiernan, 0 yrs exp., $5,597)
St. Martin
After School Tutor
After School Tutor - VC Lower
(1-9-08, Linda Martin, $12 per hour)
Vecchio, Megan Additional Assistance in Curruiculum Dept
(12-12-07, $5.85 per hour)
Central Office

W. Licensed Transfers within District 2007-2008

Cadman, Michelle FROM: Special Ed
TO: Regular Ed - ECU
(1/29/08, rep. S. Tanner)
East Central

X. Non-Licensed Transfers within District 2007-2008

Cirino, Vickie From: Asst. Supt. Bookkeeper - Central Office
To: Secretary to the Superintendent (and 5 member board)
(1/11/08, rep. J. Robinson, 26 yrs exp., $15,662)
To: 16th Section Land Clerk
(1/11/08, rep. J, Robinson, $942)
Smith, Natalie From: 1st Grade Assistant - SM North
To: Life Skills Assistant - SM North
St. Martin

Y. Executive Session (click to view list)

Next Meeting - Monday, February 18, 2008
Jackson County District Office

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