Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

July 7, 2008
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes:

7. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgments and Celebration (none)

    1. Dr. Barry Amacker, Superintendent

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Approve Student Activity Claim Dockets
    3. Surplus Property
    4. Approve Not In Budget Items
    5. Construction In Progress
    6. Katrina Income
    7. Approve Student Activity Accounts: St. Martin
    8. Present Student Activity Accounts
    9. Receipts & Disbursements: May 2008
    10. Approve One Source Items
    11. Approve Award Bank Depositories
    12. Budget discussion (click to view)

C. Laura McCool - Human Resources and Risk Management Director

  1. Approve Renewal of General Liability, Automobile, and Educator's Legal Liability Insurance
  2. f.y.i. Safety Committee Update

D. Lark Christian - Food Service Director

Approve Award of Small Equipment Bid

E. Tonya Green - Special Education Director

Approve Project Application IDEA

F. Dr. Lisa McCartney - Curriculum Director

G. Margaret Bush - Assistant Superintendent

  1. Approve Licensure Application
  2. Present Policy Revision - GGBG

H. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

    1. Approve Co-Operative Navy ROTC Program for East Central High School
    2. Approve Designation of Applicant Agent for MEMA
    3. Approve Letter to Board of Supervisors - Lemoyne Blvd.
    4. Approve Request for Bids for Time and Attendance System
    5. Present Team One Communications - Bus Radios
    6. 16th Section (click to view)
    7. Guild Hardy Architects / David Hardy / Quint Moran
    8. Update on Building Projects / Jennifer Seymour
    9. Future Building Plans

I. Trips (click to view list)

J. Legal Student Transfers (click to view list)

K. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2008-2009

Peace, Charlene Assist. Principal - SM East
(7/14/08, AA, rep. B. Myers)
St. Martin
Williams, Christopher Principal - SM North
(7/1/08, D-23, rep. L. Budinich)
St. Martin

L. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2008-2009

Price, Lori Assist Principal - VC Upper Vancleave
Williams, Christopher Assist. Principal - SM High St. Martin

M. Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Dismuke, Delores Long Term Sub - EC Upper East Central
Hammett, Brittany Teacher - VC Upper Vancleave
Jones, Emily Teacher - SM High St. Martin
LeBatard, Ernie Teacher - Tech Center Technology
Lepoma, Dean Teacher - SM North St. Martin
Miller, Stephanie Teacher - EC Upper East Central
Montgomery, Virginia SPED Teacher - SM Upper St. Martin
Mc Daniel, Brandi Driver's Ed - VC High Vancleave
McLelland, Margaret Teacher - SM Upper St. Martin
Peace, Charlene Teacher - VC Lower Vancleave
Pylate, Jessica Teacher - VC Lower Vancleave
Rutledge, Alana Teacher - SM North St. Martin
Younghouse, Lisa Teacher - VC Lower Vancleave

N. Non-Licensed Educator Terminations 2007-2008

Cox, Carey Maintenance - SM St. Martin

O. Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Stalling, Tracey Summer Adult Worker - EC East Central

P. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Bush-Sowell, Freda Assist Teacher - VC Lower Vancleave
Cumbest, Lorna RN - EC Lower East Central
Fuller, Barbara Title Assist - SM East St. Martin
Harvey, Linda Title Assist - EC Upper East Central
McClendon, Melissa Title Assist - SM North St. Martin
McCoy, Joanna SPED Assist - SM East St. Martin
Wallen, Mark Maintenance - Tech Center Technology

Q. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Alford, Todd Teacher - VC Middle
(8/1/08, AA-6, rep. M. High)
Alderman, Christopher Head Fast Pitch Coach - SM High
(8/1/08, rep. D. Hughes)
St. Martin
Bailus, Donna After School Care Director - SM Upper
(8/1/08, $17.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Baygents, Tina After School Care Adult Worker - SM Upper
(8/1/08, $14.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Bond, Marie Upgrade on Educator License - AAA-10
(Adj. Salary Accordingly, 8/1/08)
East Central
Browning, Julia Upgrade Teachers License - AA-7
(Adj. Salary Accordingly, 8/1/08)
Chesser, Shawn Teacher - EC High
(8/1/08, A-3, new position #2)
East Central
Cruso, Cherrie Teacher - SM North
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. A. Rutledge)
St. Martin
Dobbe, Angela Teacher - EC High
(8/1/08, A-0, new position #3)
East Central
Elmore, Lillian Teacher - SM North
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. A. Moran)
St. Martin
Garriga, Fonda Long term sub - EC Lower
(8/1/08, $100.00 per day, rep. N. Harvey)
East Central
Hurt, Martha Teacher - EC High
(8/1/08, A-24, rep. L. Havard)
East Central
Jefcoat, Leila Teacher - EC High
(7/24/08, AA-15, Rep. R. Brown)
East Central
Kiernan, Brittany Teacher - SM North
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. D. Lepoma)
St. Martin
Kinkade, Robin Teacher - SM North
(8/1/08, A-0, new position #1)
St. Martin
Kuhn, Shannon Teacher - SM North
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. K. Saurez)
St. Martin
Lepoma, Dean Teacher - SM Middle
(8/1/08, A-1, rep. R. Blake)
St. Martin
Lippe, Catherine Community Based Classroom Teacher - SPED MGCCC
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. J. Naderhoff)
District Wide
McGarity, Teffany Teacher - CV Lower
(8/1/08, A-1, rep. C. Peace)
Mansfield, Tara After School Adult care Worker - SM Upper
(8/1/08, $14.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Montgomery, Virginia SPED Teacher - SM Middle
(8/1/08, AA-20, rep. E. Bryant)
St. Martin
Moody, Rachel Teacher - VC Lower
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. D. Fortenberry)
Moran, John Coach (Boys / Girls cross Country) - SM
(8/1/08, rep. E. LeBatard)
St. Martin
Murphy, Jamie SPED Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, A-4, new position, special allocation from SPED)
St. Martin
Murphy, Patrick SPED Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, A-4, rep. D. Ross )
St. Martin
Parker, Jennifer Teacher - EC Middle
(8/1/08, A-1, rep. T. Holland)
East Central
Powell, Holly Upgrade Teachers License-AA-4
(Adj. Salary Accordingly, 8/1/08)
St. Martin
Pylate, Jessica Teacher - VC Upper
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. B. Hammett)
Reeves, Karen Teacher - VC Lower
(8/1/08, A-16, rep. C. Mitchell)
Richmond, James Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, AA-9, rep. N. French)
St. Martin
Romero, Sandra Teacher - SM North
(8/1/08, AA-0, new position #2)
St. Martin
Russell, Jennifer Teacher - SM Upper
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. M. McLelland)
St. Martin
Thompson, John Final adjustment to 2007-2008 Salary
(Per ROTC agreement, $4,643.00)
St. Martin
Wallen, Mark Teacher - JC Tech
(7/22/08, A-0, rep. E. LeBatard)
White, Dana Previously recommended at 0 experience
(Adj. Salary Accordingly A-1, 8/1/08)
East Central

R. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Williams, Darlene ESY Teacher - VC Middle
(6/2/08, AA-16)

S. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Summer Camp Bus Drivers V. Jones ($11.35 per hr), L. Seymour ($12.56 per hr), C. Borries ($13.89 per hr), 5/25/08 new position St. Martin
SPED ESY Bus Drive S. Monk ($1.35 per hr) District

T. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Adams, Alexandra Assist Teacher - VC Lower
8/6/08, rep. Freda Bush-Sowell)
Adult Summer Worker J. Bishop, S. Huff, R. Magee
(5/27/08, $9.00 per hr)
East Central
Baygents, Rita After School Student Worker -SM Upper
(8/1/08, $9.00 per hr)
St. Martin
Davis, Selina Bus Driver- VC
(8/6/08, vacant route)
Easterling, Shawn Maintenance - VC
(7/1/08, rep. R. Breland)
Faucette, Whitney Student worker - EC Upper
(8/1/08, rep. K. King)
East Central
Fero, Jennifer Bus Driver - Vancleave
(8/6/08, rep. S. Havens)
Fuller, Barbara Title I Assist.- SM North
(8/1/08, rep. R. Becnel)
St. Martin
Goff, Jessica Teacher Assist. - VC Lower
(8/6/08, new position)
Inabinett, Mason Student Worker - VC
(5/27/08,$5.85 per hr, rep. M. Gunter)
Kendrick, Boyce Bus Driver - VC
(8/1/08, rep. A. Parker)
Knesel, Dina Temp help/ hourly as needed
(7/1/08, $24.41)
Loris, Debbie Teacher Assist. - EC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. S. Lemon)
East Central
McCoy, Joanna Title I Assist - SM North
(8/1/08, rep. R, Becnel)
St. Martin
Meadows, Linda HR Secretary - District
(7/8/08, rep. J. Britt)
Mitchell, Tammy Summer Camp Bus Driver - SM East
(7/8/08, new position)
St. Martin
Richmond, Briley Bus Driver - SM
(8/6/08, rep. R. Werthner)
St. Martin
Student Summer Worker D. Frederic, P. Davis (rep. R. Logan), H. Harrell (rep. T. Puhr), (5/27/08, $5.85 per hr) East Central
Swift, Leslie Computer Tech- District
(7/7/08, rep. D. Xenos)
Taylor, Sarah Front Office Assist - VC High
(8/6/08, rep. K. Ely)
Wagner, Vickey Custodian - SM North
(8/1/08, rep. J. Perkins)
St. Martin
Warren, Stephanie Assit Teacher - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. J. Pylate)
Williams, Kelly Bus Driver - VC
(8/6/08, rep. M. Wright)
Wood, Christy Bus Driver - SM
(8/6/08, rep. J. Sims)
St. Martin

U. Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Case, April From: Counselor - EC Middle
To: Counselor - SM Upper
St. Martin
Cadman, Michelle From: Ref Ed - EC Upper
To: SPED Inclusion - EC Upper
(8/1/08, rep. D. Dismuke)
East Central
Holland, Tina From: 7th Grade Pre-Algebra - EC Middle
To: 8th Grade Pre-Algebra - EC Middle
(8/1/08, rep. T. Sampson)
East Central
Patronas, Andrea From: 2nd Grade Teacher - SM East
To: 3rd Grade Teacher - SM East
(8/1/08, rep. D. Cuevas)
St. Martin
Rouse, Brenda From: Teacher - Deaf Ed. - SM High
To: Teacher - Deaf Ed. - SM North
St. Martin
York, Kacey From: K teacher - SM East
From: 1st Grade teacher - SM East
(8/1/08, rep. G. Lee)
St. Martin

V. Non-Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Albritton, Teri To: K Assist - VC Lower
From: 1st Grade Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. L. Gunter)
Bivins, Heather To: K Assist- VC Lower
From: 2nd Grade Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. D. Danzler)
Callegari, Licia To: Title I Assist - SM East
From: 1st Grade Assist- SM East
(8/6/08, rep. B. Fuller)
St. Martin
Cauley, Jerri To: 2nd Grade Assist - VC Lower
From: K Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. R. Johnson)
Carroll, Tracey To: SPED Inclusion Assist - SM East
From: 1st Grade Assist - SM East
(8/6/08, rep. N. Hawley)
St. Martin
Danzler, Dot To: 2nd Grade Assist - VC Lower
From: K Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. G. Lambert)
Duncan, Sandra To: K Assist. - VC Lower
From: 1st Grade Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. P. Sherman)
Goff, Jessica To: 1st Grade Assist - VC Lower
From: K Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. T. Albritton)
Gunter, Lisa To: 1st Grade Assist - VC Lower
From: K Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. T. Johnson)
Johnson, Denise To: K Assist - VC Lower
From: K Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. J. Goff)
Johnson, Robyn To: K Assist - VC Lower
From: 2nd Grade Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. D. Johnson)
Johnson, Theresa To: 1st Grade Assist - VC Lower
From: 1st Grade Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. S. Duncan)
Lambert, Gloria To: K Assist - VC Lower
From: 2nd Grade - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. S. Morrison)
Morrision, Sammie To: 2nd Grade Assist - VC Lower
From: K Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. H. Bivins)
Sherman, Patricia To: 2nd Grade Assist - VC Lower
From: K Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. G. Talbot)
Talbot, Gwen To: K Assist - VC Lower
From: 2nd Grade Assist - VC Lower
(8/6/08, rep. J. Cauley)
Webster, Angela To: SPED / DD Assist - SM East
From: 2nd Grade Assist - SM East
(8/6/08, rep. J. McCoy)
St. Martin

W. Degreed Recommendations 2008-2009

Sheilds, Evie Staff Accountant
(7/1/08, A-5,rep. D. Knesel)

X. Executive Session (click to view list)



Next Meeting - Thursday, July 24, 2008
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