Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

June 9, 2008
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes: February 28, 2008

7. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgments and Celebration (click to view list)

    1. Dr. Barry Amacker, Superintendent
      • Superintendent's Attendance Award
      • Assistant Superintendent, Hal Holmes - Vancleave
      • Assistant Superintendent, Dino Vecchio - East Central

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Approve Claim Docket # 2
    3. Approve Student Activity Claim Dockets
    4. Surplus Property
    5. Not In Budget Items (no changes)
    6. Approve One Source Items
    7. Construction In Progress ( no changes)
    8. Katrina Income (no changes)
    9. Approve Student Activity Accounts: April 2008
    10. Present Student Activity Accounts: St. Martin

C. Laura McCool - Human Resources and Risk Management Director

    1. SI 2008-35 CL 04 15 2008
    2. SI 2008-36 PR 04 18 2008
    3. SI 2008-37 LB 04 23 2008
    4. SI 2008-38 JW 04 30 2008
    5. SI 2008-39 NO 04 30 2008
    6. Approve Flood Insurance Renewal

D. Lark Christian - Food Service Director

    1. Approve Revised Food Service Meal Prices

E. Tonya Green - Special Education Director

    1. Approve Private Contract with Soucy
    2. Approve Private Contract with Hall
    3. Approve Private Contract with Goff
    4. f.y.i. Extended School Year Information

F. Dr. Lisa McCartney - Curriculum Director

    1. Approve Stipend for JCSD Curriculum Committee

G. Margaret Bush - Assistant Superintendent

H. Dr. Barry Amacker - Superintendent
    1. Approve Jim Owen Photography Service
    2. Approve Resolutions
    3. Approve Medical Leave of Absence for Julie Naderhoff - Sped District Wide (estimated time 5/14/2008-5/23/2008)
    4. Approve Resoultion to Extend Agreement with Grace Church
    5. Approve Resolution Opposing the Location of the New Jackson County Jail on 16th Section Land
    6. 16th Section
    7. Guild Hardy Architects / David Hardy / Quint Moran
    8. Update on Building Projects / Jennifer Seymour
    9. Future Building Plans
      • Vocational Center

I. Trips (click to view list)

J. Legal Student Transfers (click to view list)

K. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2008-2009


L. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2008-2009

Budinich,Linda  Principal, SM North St. Martin

M. Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Pearson, Jennifer Teacher - SM High St. Martin
Hendricks, Lee Ann Teacher - EC Middle East Central
Fletcher, Lee Teacher - EC Middle East Central
Coaker, Shanta Teacher - VC Upper Vancleave
Weems, Brandy Teacher, SM High St. Martin
Caldwell, Kathryn Teacher - SM Upper St. Martin
Fortenberry, Deborah Teacher - VC Lower Vancleave
Bryant, Elizabeth Teacher - SM Middle St. Martin

N. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2007-2008

Romero, Crystal Title 1 Assistant, SM Upper St. Martin
Gunter, Michael Summer Student Worker - Vancleave Vancleave
Collins, William Maintenance II  East Central

O. Non-Licensed Educator Resignations 2008-2009

Powell, Tammy Bus Driver - SM St. Martin
Sims, Jean Bus Driver - SM St. Martin
Werthner, Ray Bus Driver - SM St. Martin
Albritton, Teri District Bookkeeper District
Hawley, Natasha Sped Asst. - SM East St. Martin
Xenos, Damien Computer Tech II - Technology District
Ely, Kelli Front Office Assist - VC High Vancleave
Puhr, Thomas Student After School Worker - EC Attendance East Central
Perkins, Jeff Janitor - SM North - East Central East Central

P. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Extended School Year
S. Hodges, R. Holmes, M. Chenault, P. Pylate, A. Campbell
(6/2/08 , VC Middle)
Extended School Year
C. Shields, R. Bell
(6/4/08 , SM High)
St. Martin

Q. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Hawkins, Meagan Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, AA-6, rep. A. Hawthorne)
St. Martin
Glocke, Angela Teacher - VC Upper
(8/1/08, AA-12, rep. L. Boccaleri)
Noble, Terri Upgrade in Educator License - EC Upper
(8/1/08, AA-1)
East Central
Johnson, Jeana Adjust Salary to 2 yrs. experience - SM North
(8/1/08, A-2)
St. Martin
Brister, Heather Teacher - VC Upper
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. S. Coaker)
Rivers, Chris Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, AA-0, rep. J. Pearson)
St. Martin
Alderman, Christopher Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, A-1, rep. J. Breazeale)
St. Martin
McCellan, Mary Psychometrist - District Wide
(8/1/08, AAA-18, rep. L. Ferrer)
Ainsworth, Jamie Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, A-0, rep. B. Weems)
St. Martin
Forentberry, Deborah Teacher and Admin Assist - VC Middle
(8/1/08, AA-17, rep. K. Haarala)
Powell, Diane SpEd - SM Middle
(8/1/08, A-21, rep. D. Powell)
St. Martin
Alderman, Whitney Teacher - VC Upper
(8/1/08, A-1, rep. M. Thrash)
Byrd, Ashley Teacher - VC Upper
(8/1/08, A-4, rep. T. Craft)
Moody, Stacy Counselor - VC Lower
(7/14/08, AA-9, rep. S. Batterman)
Hase, Lamenda Teacher - SM High
(8/1/08, A-0, new position)
St. Martin
Thompson, John Adj. salary per ROTC agreement
(Years 2000/01 - 2006/07, $31,131.58)
St. Martin

R. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2007-2008

Drawdy, Nisa Summer Student Worker
(5/27/08, $5.85 hr.)
St. Martin
Rogers, Brandon Summer Student Worker
(6/10/08, $5.85 hr.)
St. Martin
Burnham, Brandon Summer Student Worker
(5/27/08, $5.85 hr)
Harris, Thomas Summer Worker
(5/30/08, $9.00 hr)
SPED ESY Bus Driver Paige, Sylvia
(6/2/08, $11.75 per hr. from SPED 2090Funds)
St. Martin
SPED ESY Bus Driver Sims, Jean
(6/2/08, $13.63 per hr. from SPED 2090Funds)
St. Martin

S. Non-Licensed Educator Recommendations 2008-2009

Young, John Bus Driver, VC
(8/6/08, rep. D. Dick)
Peterson, Dana Salary Increase per Incentive Program
Landers, Veronnica Bus Driver, VC
(8/6/08, rep. A. Parker)
Hawley, Natasha Functional Skills Asst.- SM North
(8/1/08, rep. N. Smith)
St. Martin
Albritton, Teri Teacher Assist - Vancleave
(8/6/08, rep. L. Martin)
Weaver, Hillary Student worker/Assist Principal's office - EC
(8/1/08, rep. M. Butler)
East Central
Whitley, Jennifer Student worker / Media Center - EC
(8/1/08, rep. H. Bradley)
East Central

T. Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009

Browing, Julia From: 4th Grade Teacher - VC Upper
To: 3rd GRade Teacher - VC Upper
(Rep. A. Glocke)
Glocke, A. From: 3rd Grade Teacher - VC Upper
To: 4th Grade TEacher - VC Upper
(Rep. J. Browing)
Dunsford, Joanna From: 5th grade Teacher - EC Upper
To: 3rd grade Teacher - EC Upper
(Rep. T. Walters)
East Central
Harrington, Angella From: 4th grade Teacher
To: 5th grade Teacher
(Rep. M. Fields)
East Central
Seymour, Beth From: 5th Grade Teacher - UC Upper
To: 4th Grade Teacher - VC Upper
(New Position)
Thrash, Mashawn From: 4th Grade Teacher - VC Upper
To: 5th Grade Teacher - VC Upper
(Rep. B. Seymour)
Walters, Tressa From: 3rd grade Teacher
To: 5th grade Teacher
(Rep. J. Dunsford)
East Central

U. Non-Licensed Transfers within District 2008-2009


V. Executive Session (click to view list)


Next Meeting - Monday, June 23, 2008
Jackson County District Office

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