Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

April 19, 2004
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes - March 22, 2004, Executive Session

7. Rucks H. Robinson - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgements and Celebrations (15 minutes)

  1. Dr. Loretta Goff, St. Martin Assistant Superintendent
    • Gina Bell, SMHS, Coach of the Year
    • Kassandra Hilliard, SMHS, Scholar Athlete Award
    • St. Martin High School Band, Mr. Charles Simpson, Director, Superior Ratings
  2. Mr. Dino Vecchio, Director, Jackson County Technology Center (Pictures)
    • Chrysta Cole, VHS, State HOSA Competition 3rd Place
    • Ashley Lambert, VHS, State HOSA Competition 3rd Place
    • Lauren Mann, VHS, State HOSA Competition 3rd Place
    • Tina Meaker, VHS, State HOSA Competition 3rd Place
    • Vivian Robinson, VHS, State HOSA Competition 3rd Place
    • Lindsey Locke, VHS, State HOSA Competition Finalist
    • Sarah Davis, SMHS, State HOSA Competition 4th Place
    • Chris Hardy, SMHS, State HOSA Competition 4th Place
    • Casey Knight, SMHS, State HOSA Competition 4th Place
    • Jackson County Technology Center Allied Health Program, State Winner for 2004-2005 Mississippi HOSA Theme submitted
  3. Brad Stewart, East Central Assistant Superintendent
    • Chris Kovar, ECHS, 3rd Place TSA State Conference
    • David Price, ECHS, 3rd Place TSA State Conference
    • Dwunshae Wells, ECHS, Finalist, TSA State Conference
    • Micah Davis, ECHS, 2nd Place TSA State Conference
    • Jacob Thompson, ECHS, 2nd Place TSA State Conference
    • Chase Thigpen, ECHS, 2nd Place TSA State Conference
    • Amanda Heizer, ECHS, 2nd Place TSA State Conference
    • Jessie Rawls, 2nd Place TSA State Conference
    • India Williams, 2nd Place TSA State Conference
    • Adam Brown, 2nd Place, TSA State Conference
    • Micah Davis, 2nd Place, TSA State Conference
    • Glyn Bowman, 1st Place, TSA State Conference
    • Stephen Greenouse, Appointed TSA State Parliamentarian

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Approve Claim Docket
    2. Surplus Property
    3. One Source Items
    4. Items Not in FY03-04 Budget
    5. Approve Student Activity Accounts - February
    6. Present Student Activity Accounts - March 2004
    7. Receipts and Disbursements - March 2004
    8. Three Mill Note

C. East Central Curriculum Presentation

  1. East Central High School Art Department - Brenda Salter, Instructor

D. Rucks H. Robinson - Superintendent

    1. Tech Prep Site Visit - St. Martin
    2. Approve Summer Hours and Holidays for Twelve-Month Employees
    3. Approve Resolution for Teacher Appreciation Week
    4. Approve Request for Medical Leave: Regina Hamilton, Food Service, SMMS, March 17 - April 28, 2004
    5. Approve Purchase of East Central Property: 6.78 acres and 1.2 acres with home and improvements
    6. Approve Addition to Work at East Central High School
    7. Approve Retirement Resolution: Myra Polk, Kindergarten Teacher, St. Martin North
    8. Sixteenth Section:
      1. Approve Amendment - R. T. May IV, Section 16-4-7
      2. Request to Reduce Parcel - H. Craig Davis - 16-6-7
    9. Approve Comprehensive School Reform Amendment Request

E. Trips

    1. Disruptive Bahavior Disorders in Children and Adolescents, May 14, 2004, Biloxi, A. Temple (District)
    2. Software Technology Update Training, April 20-21, 2004, McComb, MS, J. Lutes, S. Hinton, M. Whitney (District)
    3. National Educational Computing Conference, June 20-23, 2004, New Orleans, LA, M. Ely, B. Myers (Technology E-Rate)
    4. MS MEGA Conference, June 7-10, 2004, Biloxi, B. G. Smith, K. White (Southern Coastal Migrant)
    5. 2004 Advanced Placement Institute, July 10-16, 2004, Milsaps College, J. Lishman (Title II)
    6. National Educational Computing Conference, June 20-23, 2004, New Orleans, G. Nelms, S. Brown, C. Corkhill, C. Rudolph (Title II)
    7. State Superintendents' Meeting, May 12-13, 2004, Jackson, R. Robinson (District)
    8. MDE Meeting: Assessment of Students with Disabilities, April 14, 2004, Jackson, Dr. Havard (District)
    9. Basketball Coaching Clinic, April 30, 2004, Biloxi, R. McMillan (Vancleave Activity)
    10. Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Children & Adolescents, May 14, 2004, Biloxi, J. Mason, M. Pavlov (Special Education)
    11. No Child Left Behind Guidelines Discussion, April 13-14, 2004, Jackson, M. Bush, G. Morris (Special Education)
    12. Creating Self Directed Learning Modules with PowerPoint, April 26, 2004, Gulfport, V. Carol Bennett (no cost)
    13. MS MEGA Conference, June 7-10, 2004, Biloxi, B. G. Smith, K. White (Southern Coastal Migrant)
    14. Student Progress Monitoring System Demonstration, April 22, 2004, Jackson, Dr. Havard (District)
    15. MS Licensed Professional Counselor Association Clinical Supervision Training, April 23, 2004, Clinton, S. Batterman (no cost)
    16. Tough to Teach, July 11-15, 2004, Panama City Beach, FL, H. Holmes (Vancleave Activity)
    17. National Migrant Conference, May 1-5, 2004, San Antonio, TX, K. Pouncey, G. Smith (Southern Coastal Migrant)
    18. Student Progress Monitoring System Meeting, April 22, 2004, Jackson, C. Rudolph (District)
    19. MEGA Confeence, June 7-10, 2004, Biloxi, D. Mauer (Title I)
    20. Vocational Tech Prep Training, July 20-22, 2004, Gulfport, C. Mahoney, E. LeBatard, C. Bloomfield (District)
    21. RCU Professional Development Team Meeting, April 19, 2004, Hattiesburg, D. Vecchio, D. Novak, E. LeBatard (District)
    22. Millsaps Advanced Placement Institute 2004, July 11-16, 2004, Jackson, R. Magee (Professional Development)
    23. Non-Traditional Spring Conference, May 6-7, 2004, Jackson, D. Phillips, L. Matthews (District)

F. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2003-2004


G. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2004-2005

Wayne Rogers Principal SMMS St. Martin

H. Licensed Educator Resignations 2004-2005

Joe Hubal Fast and Slow Pitch/Softball Coach Vancleave
Alicia Jones Kindergarten Teacher ECLE East Central
Janice Bush Counselor VHS Vancleave
Paige McKnight 4th Grade Teacher ECUE East Central
Mark Montgomery HS Girls Basketball St. Martin
Olivia Novak 7th Grade History SMMS St. Martin

I. Non-Licensed Resignations 2003-2004

Patricia Viney Day Maid SMN St. Martin
Richard Oakes Bus Driver Vancleave
Jerry Sims Maintenance II (Retirement) St. Martin
Steven D. Tanner Part-Time Adult Worker JCTC
Paula Lucas Eligibility Clerk Food Service
Chuck Montgomery Adult Worker St. Martin

J. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2003-2004


K. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2004-2005


L. Non-Licensed Recommendations 2003-2004

Amy Alexander 2nd Grade Assistant SMN St. Martin
(3/15/2004, rep G. Tinsley, previous approved, adjust salary-add 1 yr exp, 45 days, $2,740)
Melissa McClendon Custodian - 7 1/2 hrs SMUE St. Martin
(3/05/2004, rep L. Mulqueeny, 0 exp, 7.5 hrs per day, 53 days, $2,524)
Bobbie Sullivan Part-time Food Service VMS Food Service
(3/22/2004, rep M. Williams, 5 hrs @ $6.45 per hr)
Cindy Pry Nurse ECUE East Central
(4/20/2004, rep J. Caraway, 0 exp, 24 days, $1,184)
Larry Green Full Time Sub Bus Driver East Central
(3/22/2004, rep S. Cunningham, A Route, 0 exp, 43 days, $1,121)
Alternette McCann Bus Aide East Central
(3/22/2004, new position for the remainder of the year, 40 days @ $20.60 per day, $824)
Carey Cox Maintenance St. Martin
(1/05/2004, adjust hours/pay back to 8 hrs per day, annual $24,631)
Robin Gray Part-time Food Service SMN Food Service
(3/29/2004, rep S. Griffith, 4 hrs @ $6.45 per hr)
Margaret McLelland Long-Term Substitute Teacher SMN St. Martin
(3/31/2004, long-term sub for T. Wilson, $100.00 per day)
Matthew McAtee Student Helper JCTC
(4/20/2004, rep S. Tanner, 15 hrs per week @ $5.15 per hr)
Oreta McMillan After School Tutor Title I/Activity Fund Vancleave
(3/23/2004, $22.00 per hr)
Chuck Montgomery Maintenance II St. Martin
(6/01/2004, rep. J. Sims, 1 check, $2,213)

Executive Session

May Regular Meeting - May 10, 2004
Central Office - 5:00 p.m.



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