Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

March 22, 2004
Interim Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes - March 1, 2004, Executive Session

7. Rucks H. Robinson - Superintendent

A. Acknowledements and Celebrations (15 minutes)

  1. Mr. Brad Stewart, East Central Assistant Superintendent
    • Student Recognition: 2004 District Reading Fair First Place Winners (Madison Prevost, Joy Marble, Courtney Hobdy, Wesleigh and Wyatt Watkins, Mrs. DuVall's kindergarten class)
    • Student Recognition: Madison Prevost, 2004 Regional Reading Fair Winner
    • Student Recognition: Nathan Hughey, ECUE
    • Student Recognition: Brittany Skipper, ECUE
  2. Mr. Dino Vecchio, Jackson County Technology Center Director
    • Student Recognition: Johnny Cumbest, ECHS
    • Student Recogniton: Robert Shealy, SMHS
  3. Mr. Hal Holmes, Vancleave Assistant Superintendent
    • Teacher Recognition: Amantha Johnson, VLE
    • Principal Recognition: Amy Peterson, VLE
    • Student Recognition: Kadara Kilgo, VMS
    • Teacher Recognition: Tracie Craft, VUE

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

    1. Three Mill Note
    2. Approve Claim Docket
    3. Surplus Property
    4. Transfer of Vehicles to East Central Fire Department
    5. One Source Items
    6. Items Not in FY03-04 Budget
    7. Receipts and Disbursement Report - February 2004
    8. Presenting February Student Activity Accounts

C. Vancleave Curriculum Presentation - Vancleave Upper Elementary

D. Dr. Barry Amacker, St. Martin High School Principal

  1. Palm Handheld Presentation

E. Paul Bagley - J H & H Architects

  1. Approve Owner/Architect Agreement
  2. Approve Addendum to Bid
  3. Approve Bids for Air Conditioning High School Gyms (certified bid tabulations)

F. Jim Lucas - Transportation/Insurance Director

    1. Approve School Bus Turnaround: Vancleave, 8900 Delancey Road
    2. Approve East Central Turnarounds: 2003-2004 and 2004-2005
    3. Transportation Routing Software Presentation

G. Dino Vecchio and Diane Novak - Jackson County Technology Center

  1. Approve 2004-2005 Local Spending Plan (State Budget Summary, Federal Budget Summary)

H. Rucks H. Robinson - Superintendent

    1. Tech Prep Site Visit - East Central
    2. Approve Job Description: GFAG, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
    3. Approval for Professional Development Fee to National Literacy Coalition
    4. Reappraisal of 16th Section Property
    5. Approve Change Order - VMS Addition

I. Legal Student Transfers - 2003-2004

Ahmed Batts, Jr. 1 St. Martin to Pascagoula
Felton R. Gray II 8 Vancleave to Pascagoula
Andrew Barnard 10 East Central to Pascagoula

J. Trips

    1. Co-Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom, Mar 16, 2004, New Orleans, M. Everette, S. Jennings (Special Education)
    2. TSA State Competion, March 31-April 2, 2004, Jackson, Jackson, R. Brown, B. Salter (TSA Middle School or High School Activity)
    3. STI End of Year Rollover Archiving, April 16, 2004, Mobile, E. Sharp, R. Thigpen, J. Bayles, C. Christian (Activity Candy)
    4. Explosive/Noncompliant Children and Adolescents, March 26, 2004, New Orleans, J. Mason, M. Pavlov (Special Education)
    5. CEC Annual Conference, April 14-17, 2004, New Orleans, M. Bush, S. Lovelace, M. Yates, D. Moore, P. Cumbest, G. Morris, D. Parker (Special Education)
    6. 3rd Annual Dyslexia Conference, April 7, 2004, Jackson, M. Everette (Special Education)
    7. Bay Point Institute 2004 (Cose the Achievement Gap), July 11-14, 2004, Panama City, FL, D. Vecchio (Activity)
    8. Alternate Assessment, April 14, 2004, Biloxi, R. McMillan (no cost)
    9. MDE's 3rd Annual Dyslexia Conference, April 6-7, 2004, Jackson, C. Corkhill, L. Van Winkle, M. Meehan, M. Bush, B. Myers (Special Education)
    10. Annual Conference of Reps Serving Individuals who are Blind/Deaf, March 26, 2004, Jackson, C. Wright (Special Education)
    11. Gulf Coast School Boards Association Quarterly Meeting, April 22, 2004, Pass Christian, Board Members, Superintendent, J. Pickett, Assistant Superintendents, J. Goff (District)
    12. Thirteenth Annual Operators' Workshop, April 8, 2004, St. Martin, S. Aloisio, D. Collins (no cost)
    13. Technology for Alternative Schools, March 15, 2004, Bay Minette, AL, Dr. Havard (District)
    14. Technology Coordinator's Meeting ERATE/MSIS, April 6, 2004, Jackson, C. Rudolph, J. Lutes (District)
    15. State Migrant PAC Meeting, March 31, 2004, Jackson, C. Cantrelle, K. Henson, N. Milam, M. Le, C. Le (Southern Coastal Migrant)
    16. Technology Meeting, March 19, 2004, Gautier, Board Members (District)
    17. Campus Visits, March 19, 2004, JCSD - District-Wide, K. Fountain (District)
    18. College Assistant Migrant Program Meeting (C.A.M.P.)/Recruitment and Coordination, April 12-14, 2004, Pensacola, FL, C. Cantrelle (Southern Coastal Migrant)

K. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2003-2004


L. Licensed Educator Resignations 2003-2004

Jennifer Hoggat Librarian SMN St. Martin

M. Licensed Educator Resignations 2004-2005

Myra Polk Kindergarten Teacher SMN (Retiring) St. Martin
Paulette Harwell Science 9-12 ECHS East Central
Joseph Mitchett Science SMHS St. Martin
Jon Wilson 9th Grade Boys Basketball St. Martin
Karen Elizabeth Abbott Music Teacher SMN St. Martin
Wendy O'Connor 5th Grade Teacher SMUE St. Martin
Bert Garriga Boys Asst Basketball ECHS East Central
Keith Tucker 9th Grade Boys Basketball ECH East Central

N. Non-Licensed Resignations 2003-2004

Gregory Marshall Janitor St. Martin
Jan Heffner Bus Driver St. Martin
Hettie Ewing Housekeeping SMMS St. Martin

O. Non-Licensed Resignations 2004-2005

Stephen Ferguson Night Janitor SMN St. Martin
Linda Ferguson Day Maid SMN St. Martin
Kimberly Dawn Brown Kindergarten Assistant VLE Vancleave

P. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2003-2004


Q. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2004-2005

Certified Positions Non-Administrative Certified District Wide
(7/01/2004, East Central, St. Martin, Vancleave, Alternative School, JCTC, Central Office, Migrant. All names emailed to board members 3/18/04, salary calculated by payroll with teachers salary scale board approved 2/24/03.)

R. Non-Licensed Recommendations 2003-2004

Amy Alexander 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant SMN St. Martin
(3/15/2004, rep G. Tinsley, 0 exp, $2,665)
Carla Foster Vocational Rehab Program ECHS East Central
(3/2/2004, Vocational Rehabilitation Program, $5.15 per hr)
Eddie Sampson, Jr 1/2 Time Janitorial SMHS St. Martin
(3/15/2004, rep G. Marshall, 0 exp, 4 hrs per day @ $6.35 per hr)
Jeffery Perkins Housekeeping SMMS St. Martin
(3/23/2004, rep H. Ewing, 4 hrs @ $6.35 per hr)
Heather Tillis Bus Driver St. Martin
(3/05/2004, rep J. Heffner, change from A Route to C Route, 51 days - $1,505)
Liesa Raemey Temporary Substitute for 2003-2004 Alternative
(2/27/2004, filling new temporary approved substitute position, sub pay as per board sub pay policy)

Executive Session Attachment #1 Attachment #2

April Regular Meeting - April 19, 2004
Central Office - 5:00 p.m.



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