St. Martin Board tour - Meeting AT St. Martin

Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

December 8, 2003
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes: November 10, 2003

7. William H. Lee, Jr., Ed.D. - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgements and Celebrations (15 minutes)

  1. Dr. Barry Amacker, St. Martin High School Principal
    • Teacher Recognition: Renee Dawson, St. Martin High School
    • Librarian Recognition: Patricia Rakes, St. Martin Upper Elementary
    • Counselor Recognition: Tammy Hill, St. Martin High School
    • Student Recognition: Haley Pease, St. Martin North Elementary
    • Student Recognition: Coby Stewart, St. Martin North Elementary
    • Student Recognition: Jace Dorsey, St. Martin North Elementary
    • Student Recognition: Celeste George, St. Martin North Elementary
  2. Hal Holmes, Vancleave Assistant Superintendent
    • Vancleave Upper Elementary: Penny Westfaul, Assistant Principal
    • Teacher Recognition: Traci Rivers, Vancleave Middle School
    • Teacher Recognition: Gail Shemwell, Vancleave High School
  3. Dr. Tim Havard, Assistant Superintendent
    • Jackson County Technology Center: Inventory Report

B. Curriculum Presentation - St. Martin

C. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

  1. Approve Claim Docket
  2. Surplus Property
  3. One Source Items
  4. Items Not in FY03-04 Budget
  5. Presenting Student Activity Reports - October 2003

D. Darlene Gaubert - Team One Communications

E. Paul Bagley - J H & H Architects

  1. Air Conditioning of Gyms (moved forward from Nov 10)

F. Aaron Masters - Compton Engineering

  1. Closure of Lagoon at St. Martin (moved forward from Nov 10)

G. Kim Aflague, SMHS 8th & 9th Counselor

  1. Requesting Approval to Procede with Aim for Success Program

H. Dr. Tim Havard - Assistant Superintendent

  1. 16th Section Leaseholders (moved forward from Nov 10)
  2. Approve Medical Leave of Absence - Lucy Sadler, Food Service, Nov 5, 2003 - Jan 5, 2004
  3. Video/Data Projector (board meetings, training, administrative use)
  4. Approve Life Touch Portrait Renewals for 2004-2005 - Vancleave and St. Martin
  5. Approve Retirement Resolution for Dr. William H. Lee, Jr.
  6. Approve Revision to Policy GFBCE, Job Description, Career Center Technician
  7. Approve New Policy GGBM, Career Center Technician Salary Scale
  8. Approve Revision to Policy GGBA, Administrative Salary Scale
  9. St. Martin: Request Jackson County Board of Supervisors to Construct Soccer Field
  10. Teacher of the Year Reception - Monday, December 15, 2003, 4:30-5:30, VMS Cafeteria
  11. Dr. Lee Retirement Reception - Thursday, December 11, 2003, 3:30 - 6:30, VHS Cafetorium
  12. Five-Year Capital Expenditure Plan

I. Legal Student Transfers - 2003-2004

Dylan Reinsmith 1 St. Martin to Biloxi
Heaven Reinsmith 4 St. Martin to Biloxi
Colby J. Belham 3 St. Martin to Biloxi

J. Trips

  1. Methamphetamine and How It Has Affected the Gulf Coast of MS, Nov 18, 2003, Gautier, S. Batterman (no cost)
  2. State Board of Education Meeting, Capitol Day MCA/MCPAC, Nov 20, 2003, Jackson, M. Jackson (no cost)
  3. 22nd Southeast IRA Regional Conference, Dec 1-3, 2003, Biloxi, R. High (VUE Activity)
  4. Mid South Coaches Clinic, Dec 4-6, 2003, Philadelphia, MS, M. Perkins, G. Williams, D. Marsland, K. Letort, C. Blake, J. Rankin (Athletics Activity Acct)
  5. Integrating Learning Centers, Nov 17, 2003, Pascagoula, J. Forehand (no cost)
  6. The Essential Components of Reading Instruction-Comprehension, Nov 12, 2003, Ocean Springs (no cost)
  7. Reading Comprehension, Nov 12, 2003, Ocean Springs, C. Bennett, M. Richards (no cost)
  8. Drill Competition, December 13, 2003, Baldwin County High School, Drill Teams, Color Guards, Instructor, parents (AFJROTC)
  9. Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium, Jan 20, 2004, Long Beach, K. Swanson (District)
  10. District Test Coordinator Training, Nov 17, 2003, Jackson, M. Hinton (District)
  11. Orientation for School Leaders I (SEMI), Feb 2-4, April 13-15, May 10-11, 2004, Hattiesburg, D. Novak (District)
  12. 100 Years of Flight, Dec 4, 2003, NASA, M. Moore, M. Richards, C. Bennett (no cost)
  13. Tech Prep E Site Upgrades, Dec 8, 2004, Hinds Community College, D. Vecchio (District)
  14. National Student Assistance Conference, March 10-15, 2004, Orlando, FL, Dr. Havard (Title I)
  15. Money Matters Financial Literary Seminar, Nov 20, 2003, Ocean Springs, S. Frederic (EC Local Acitivty)
  16. Employee Management Issues/Procedures, Jan 16, 2004, Gulfport, R. Robinson, J. Twiggs, D. Baggett (Professional Development)
  17. Individualized Educational Plan, Dec 11, 2003, Biloxi, J. Chadick, S. Brown, D. Powell (Special Education)
  18. Teacher Support Team and Student Intervention Teams, Jan 29, 2004, Biloxi, J. Chadick, S. Brown, D. Powell (Special Education)
  19. Hearing Impaired, Jan 30, 2004, Biloxi, J. Chadick, S. Brown, D. Powell (Special Eduction)
  20. Alternative Assessment, April 14, 2004, Biloxi, J. Chadick (Special Education)
  21. Conference for Mississippi Kindergarten Teachers, Feb 2-3, 2004, Jackson, T. Reynolds, B. Marble (Title I)
  22. Conference for Mississippi Kindergarten Teachers, Feb 2-3, 2004, V. DeStefano, S. McLean, T. Watsin (Title I Professional Development)
  23. DisciplineWorkshop, Dec 10, 2003, Biloxi, S. Brown, D. Powell (Special Education)
  24. Occupational Diploma/Transition Portfolio, Dec 12, 2003, Biloxi, S. Brown, D. Powell (Special Education)
  25. WIXC-IV Workshop, Dec 10, 2003, William Carey College, L. Van Winkle, B. Myers (no cost)
  26. World's Gulf Coast Coaching Clinic, Jan 16, 2004, Biloxi, S. Sisson, T. Melton, J. Bishop, D. Craine (Local Athletics)
  27. MS MECA Conference, Jan 26-28, 2004, Jackson, D. Peterson (Professional Development Grant)
  28. MECA Conference, Jan 27-28, 2004, Jackson, C. Crocker, J. Hoggatt (Professional Development Grant)
  29. MECA Conference, Jan 27-28, 2004, Jackson, S. Brown, M. Tanner, D. Fortenberry (Professional Development Grant)
  30. Mississippi Assistant Teacher Training, Jan 14, 2004, Biloxi, P. Derouen (Title I)
  31. Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Meeting, Dec 11-12, 2003, Philadelphia, MS, Dr. Goff (St. Martin Activity)
  32. Mississippi Language Arts Framework 4-8, Jan 7-8, 2004, Pass Christian, T. Brenier, L. Davis (no cost)
  33. Alternative to Expulsion, Jan 14-19, 2004, Orlando, FL, W. Levoy (District) (Trip previously approved; however, K. Swanson cannot attend.)

K. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2003-2004


L. Licensed Educator Resignations 2003-2004

Janice Cooley Science 9-12 ECHS East Central
Stephen Buckheister Heating and Air Conditioning JCTC
Gretchen Brochard Career Discovery Teacher ECMS East Central

M. Non-Licensed Resignations 2003-2004

Thomas Carroll Bus Driver St. Martin
Lynda Davis Part-Time Food Service VUE (Retirement) Food Service
Melinda Schlegal Janitor - 4 hr SMUE St. Martin
Aaron Carcuffe After School Worker St. Martin
Clinton Creel After School Worker St. Martin
Steve Cunningham Full Sub Bus Driver East Central
Otilia Alford Title Teacher Assistant VUE Vancleave
Otilia Alford Bus Driver Vancleave
Dorothy Wade Maid - 7.5 hr - SMUE St. Martin
Steve Beverly Afternoon Worker East Central
Robert Parker Bus Driver East Central

N. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2003-2004


O. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2003-2004

Karen W. Glass 7th Grade Reading VMS Vancleave
(11/10/2003, rep C. Bloomfield, A-4, $18,537)
Paulette Harwell Science 9-12 ECHS East Central
(1/05/2004, rep J. Cooley, A-8, $15,432)

P. Non-Licensed Recommendations 2003-2004

Greg Marshall Half-Time Housekeeper SMHS St. Martin
(11/13/2003, rep M. Southard, 4 hrs per day @ $6.65 hr, $3,139)
Sandy Simer Part-Time Clerical - SM Admin Office St. Martin
(1/05/2004, new position, 20 hrs per week, $7.00 per hr, previously approve - start date amended)
Deanne Longgear Bus Driver St. Martin
(10/30/2003, 6 years bus driving experience verified, change in pay for all routes - $3,859)
Suzi R. Cole Bus Driver Vancleave
(10/27/2003, increase from B to C route, total $5,254)
Jerri Guthrie Bus Driver East Central
(8/18/2003, change from 1/2 full-time sub A driver to 1 full-time sub B driver, change from $2,587 to $5,373)
After School Tutors After School Tutoring VHS Vancleave
(9/01/2003, Suzanne Harrison, Karen Tootle, Subject Area Tutoring, $22.00 per hr)
Sandra Wells Full-Time Food Service ECHS Food Service
(11/10/2003, rep T. Shields, 6.5 hrs @ $6.51 per hr)
Sally Jenkins After School Tutor VHS Vancleave
(9/01/2003, Tutor for Subject Area Testing, District)
Kathe Wilson Bus Aide Vancleave
(11/03/2003, increase from 1 to 1.5 aide, $2,493)
Karen Henson/Cindy Cantrelle Adult Literacy Tutor (Night Classes) Southern Coastal Migrant
(1/12/2004, $22.00 per hr)
Wendie Pastor Full Time Sub Bus Driver Vancleave
(12/01/2003, rep L. Holden, A Route, 0 exp, $2,790)
Rebecca Hayes Long Term Substitute ECUE East Central
(11/20/2003, long term sub for E. Chisholm, $100.00 per day)
ECHS Students Vocational Rehabilitation Workers East Central
(12/03/2003, Meagan Goff, Maryna Irvin, Calvin McDanield, Albert Owens, Amber Parsons, Steven Thompson, Christopehr Wells, $5.15 per hr, Vocational Rehabilitation)
Brian Tanner After School Worker East Central
(12/09/2003, rep S. Beverly, $5.15 per hr)

Executive Session


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