Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

January 5, 2004
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Election of Board Officers - 2004

7. Rucks H. Robinson - Superintendent

A. Acknowledgements and Celebrations (15 minutes)

  1. Cindy Honeycutt, Assistant Principall, St. Martin Upper Elementary
    • Torey Krause, Winner of GMAC Bowl Reading Through Learning Program
  2. Dr. Tim Havard, Assistant Superintendent
    • JCSD Teacher of the Year
    • JCSD Administrator of the Year
    • JCSD Nominees for Teacher of the Year
    • JCSD Nominees for Administrator of the Year
    • Recognition of William H. Lee Retirement Celebration Committee

B. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

  1. Approve Claim Docket
  2. Surplus Property
  3. One Source Items
  4. Items Not in FY03-04 Budget
  5. Approve Student Activity Reports - October 2003
  6. Presenting Student Activity Reports - November 2003
  7. Approve Mileage Reimbursement Rate - 37.5 cents per mile - effective Jan 1, 2004

C. Aaron Masters - Compton Engineering

  1. Closure of Lagoon at St. Martin (moved forward from Dec 8)

D. Jim Lucas - Transportation Director

  1. School Bus Turnaround - St. Martin - Douglas Hitt

E. Dr. Tim Havard - Assistant Superintendent

  1. Presenting Policies for Revision

F. Rucks H. Robinson - Superintendent

  1. 16th Section Leaseholders (Scheduled Date Pending New Appraisal)
  2. Approve Request for Medical Leave - Betty Taylor, Food Service, VMS, Jan 5-March 1, 2004
  3. 16th Section:
    1. Approve Lease - Gulf South Pipeline Co., LP
    2. Approve and Award Bid for Hunting and Fishing Lease 16-5-6 (639.32 acres) to Pascagoula River Coon Hunters
    3. 16th Section: Approve and Award Bid for Hunting and Fishing Lease 16-6-6 (145.50 acres) to Pascagoula River Coon Hunters
  4. Approve Request for One-Year Educator License - Holly Ruffin - Sped Teacher SMEE

G. Trips

  1. WISC-IV Workshop, Dec 10, 2003, William Carey College, L. Van Winkle, B. Myers (no cost)
  2. NAFEPA - No Child Left Behind: Focus on the Vision, March 30-April 5, 2004, Washington, D.C., Dr. Havard (Title I)
  3. MECA Conference, Jan 26-28, 2004, Jackson, C. Helmuth, L. Joyner (Professional Development Grant)
  4. Reactive Attachment Disorder, Dec 11, 2003, Biloxi, M. Pavlov (Special Education)
  5. Tech Prep Follow-up Workshop Pre Algebra/AlgebraI/Geometry, Jan 27, 2004, Poplarville, S. Patterson, H. Richardson (District)
  6. Tech Prep Follow-up Workshop English I, II, III, IV, Jan 29, 2004, Poplarville, E. Butler, S. Hawkins, D. Fleming, R. Dossett, L. Daniel (District)
  7. Tech Prep Follow-up Workshop Vocational/Technical, Jan 21, 2004, MGCCC Jeff Davis, (S. Cote, L. Wages (District)
  8. 22nd Southeast IRA Regional Conference, Dec 1-3, 2003, Biloxi, M. Rushin (Title I)
  9. Individualized Educational Plan, Dec 11, 2003, Biloxi, R. Carter, M. Farr (Special Education)
  10. Reading and Writing for the Gifted, Jan 30, 2004, Pascagoula, M. Bond, T. Goldman, L. Wright, S. Nicholson, D. Vernon, O. McMillan (District)
  11. Summer Enrichment Opportunities for the Gifted, March 31, 2004, Gulfport, M. Bond, T. Goldman, L. Wright, S. Nicholson, D. Vernon, O. McMillan)
  12. Employee Management Issues/Procedures, Jan 16, 2004, Gulfport, Cindy Honeycutt (Professional Development)
  13. Teacher Support Team and Student Intervention Teams, Jan 29, 2004, Biloxi, C. Corkhill (Local Activity)
  14. Sped Training, Jan 5-6, 2004, Handsboro Community Center, T. Baxley, K. Sheffield (Special Education)
  15. Intervention Convetion Workshop, Aug 27, 2003, Harrison County, M. Bond, T. Goldman, L. Wright, S. Nicholson, D. Vernon, O. McMillan (District)
  16. Center for Civic Education: Project Citizen, Nov 13, 2003, Long Beach, M. Bond, T. Goldman, L. Wright, S. Nicholson, D. Vernon, O. McMillan (District)
  17. MASS Special Education Conference, Jan 16, 2004, Jackson, M. Bush, G. Morris (Special Education)
  18. NSBA Southern Regional Conference, July 21-25, 2004, Nashville, TN, Board Members (District)
  19. State Superintendents' Meeting, Jan 15, 2004, Jackson, R. Robinson (District)
  20. State Superintendents' Meeting, Feb 12-13, 2004, Jackson, R. Robinson (District)
  21. State Superintendents' Meeting, March 25-26, 2004, Jackson, R. Robinson (District)
  22. Connecting Curriculum and Assessment from Frameworks to Score Reports, Jan 22-23, Feb 5, Feb 26, 2004, Raymond, T. Anderson (High School Pepsi)
  23. Employee Management Issues/Procedures, Jan 16, 2004, Gulfport, T. Anderson (High School Pepsi)

H. Licensed Administrator Resignations 2003-2004


I. Licensed Educator Resignations 2003-2004

Sarah Jenkins English Teacher VHS Vancleave

J. Non-Licensed Resignations 2003-2004

Steve Buckheister Bus Driver St. Martin
Donna King Housekeeper SMMS St. Martin
Belinda Wright Bus Driver Vancleave
Susan Strunk Title Assistant SMEE (transferring for student teaching at SMN and SMMS; will be paid from district funds) St. Martin
Diane Hilton Food Service Manager SMUE Food Service
Monica Perkins Bus Driver (resigning high school route only) St. Martin

K. Licensed Administrator Recommendations 2003-2004


L. Licensed Educator Recommendations 2003-2004

Licensed Teachers FY2004 Master Teacher Supplement Business Office
(12/31/03, Susan R. Dawson, Tammy Hill, Patricia Rake, Traci Rivers, Gail Shemwell, received National Board Certification, adjust salary accordingly, $3,000 supplement)
Holly Ruffin Sped Teacher SMEE Special Education
(1/06/2004, rep K. Murphy, 0 exp

M. Non-Licensed Recommendations 2003-2004

Debra Byrd Teacher Assistant SMEE St. Martin
(1/06/2004, rep B. Ferguson, 17 yrs exp, $7,880)
Jan Heffner Bus Driver St. Martin

(12/11/2003, rep W. Broussard, C Rouse, $2,922)

Leta Robbins Full-Time Food Service SMUE Food Service
(1/06/2004, 6.5 hrs @$6.51 per hr)
Richard Keleher Bus Driver St. Martin
(1/06/2004, rep M. Perkins, A Route ($2,425) and Full-Time Sub C Route ($2,745)
Michelle Fritz Custodian - 4 hour SMUE St. Martin
(1/05/2004, rep M. Schlegal, $6.35 per hr, 0 exp, $2,362)
Amanda Freche Title 1 Assistant Teacher SMEE St. Martin
(1/06/2004, rep S. Strunk, transfer from 1st grade to Title, no change in pay)
Renee Erwin Long Term Sub VUE Vancleave
(Start date pending certification date, long term sub for K. Nicholson pending certification, $100.00 per day)

Executive Session


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