Section (G) Revisions
GFAB Job Description: Director of Special Education (Revised)
GFABA Job Description: Assistant Director of Special Education (Delete)
GFABC Job Description: Psychometrist (Revised)
GFABG Job Description: Community Trainer (Delete)
GFABG Transition Coordinator (New Policy)


Section (I)
IB Instructional Goals
IC Curriculum Development
ICA Science Curriculum - Resources/Equipment and Supplies Selection
ICB Curriculum Development Planning
ID, ID Part 2 Curriculum Design Basic Program
IDAB Early Childhood Program Compliance
IDAC Basic Skills Instruct (OMIT- No longer in law)
IDAF Alternative Education for Students with Disabilities
IDDD Time and Make-Up Procedures for Students in Gifted/Talented Program
IDDF District Assurance for Children with Disabilities
IDDFE Hearing and Vision Screening/Observation
IDDG District Assurance for National Origin Minority Students
IDDHB Section 504 - ADA - Procedures (Students)
IDEA Alternative Education (previously approved)
IDFA Interscholastic Athletics
IDFAA Athletic Passes - Interscholastic Athletics
IEC Class Size/Enrollment Requirements
IF Equivalence among Schools Instructional Resources
IFAD Use of Media in the Classroom
IFB Instructional Services
IFBD School Libraries
IFBH Internet Acceptable Use Policy (previously approved)
IFCB Field Trips and Excursions
IHA Student Promotion and Retention, Grading and Reporting
IHAA Examinations and Exemptions
IHAB Grading and Report of Progress for Students with Disabilities
IHF Requirements for Graduation
IHFA Graduation Policy for Students with Disabilities
IHFB Subject Area Testing Program Policies and Procedures (previously approved)
IHFC Subject Area Testing Program Remediation (previously approved)
IHFD Student Assessment External Review Teams (previously approved)
II Testing Programs


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