Final agenda as amended and approved on August 4, 2003

Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

August 4, 2003
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Invocation

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items

5. Approve Agenda

6. Approve Minutes: July 14, 2003, July 28, 2003

7. William H. Lee, Jr., Ed.D. - Superintendent

A. Harold Rushing - Business Manager

  1. Claim Docket, Funds
  2. Budget Approval FY 2004
  3. Surplus Property
  4. Approve Student Activity Accounts - June 2003
  5. Receipts/Disbursements - June 2003
  6. Interfund Loans FY 2003

B. Sam Berry - Mississippi Forestry Commission

  1. Award Bid for Site Preparation for Planting Trees - Section 16, T4, R6
  2. Award Bid for Planting Trees - Section 16, T4, R6

C. Dr. Tim Havard - Assistant Superintendent

  1. Approve Teacher Handbook, Index
  2. New Policy Presented for Study - Policy GBRA, Sexual Harrassment
  3. New Policy Presented for Study - Policy GBJ, Nepotism
  4. New Policy Presented for Study - Policy IHFF, Participation in Graduation Ceremonies/Discipline Violations
  5. Policy Revision Presented for Study - Policy GBKA, Reduction in Certified Staff (RIF)
  6. Request 1 Year Educator License: Josh Bishop - Social Studies (ECHS), Peggy Logan - Spanish (ECHS)

D. Hal Holmes - Vancleave Assistant Superintendent

  1. Administrative Pay Policy (moved to Executive Session)

E. William H. Lee, Jr., Ed.D., Superintendent

  1. 16th Section: Award Bid for Hunting and Fishing Lease 16-6-6
  2. 16th Section Reappraisals
  3. Request for Medical Leave: Bobbie Hunt, ECLE, Teacher Assistant
  4. Request to Purchase Video Magnifer
  5. Jackson County Board of Supervisors - East Central Request

F. Trips

  1. Paraprofessionals Working with Children With Autism, August 4, 2003, Gulfport, S. Dukes (Special Education)

G. Legal Student Transfers - 2003-2004

Marteen M. Gartman 6 Ocean Springs to Vancleave
Nicholas H. Gartman Kdg Ocean Springs to Vancleave
Jake A. Gartman 3 Ocean Springs to Vancleave
Jasmin Grace 7 St. Martin to Biloxi
Olivia Drawdy 4 St. Martin to Harrison Cty
Mary Rose Drawdy Kdg St. Martin to Harrison Cty
Shera Zimmerman 10 Vancleave to St. Martin
Zane Zimmerman 7 Vancleave to St. Martin
Taylor Deabler 4 Mobile County to East Central
Bradley Bawcum 1 St. Martin to Vancleave
Robert Bawcum 3 St. Martin to Vancleave
Cameron Pittman 1 Ocean Springs to Vancleave
Nathan Pittman 4 Ocean Springs to Vancleave
Ashley B. Stewart 1 St. Martin to Biloxi
Shelbi N. Stewart 3 St. Martin to Biloxi
De'Marcus R. Fletcher 6 Vancleave to Biloxi
Travis N. Burney 9 Vancleave to Biloxi
DaWaun Q. Fletcher 9 Vancleave to Biloxi
Matthew Westover 12 St. Martin to Biloxi
Samantha Nicole Rogers 9 St. Martin to Harrison Cty
Ian F. Williams 9 St. Martin to Biloxi
Farris Mauldin 4 St. Martin to Biloxi
Travin Payne Kdg St. Martin to Biloxi
Megan Darlene Mills 8 East Central to George Cty
Caitlin Rice 2 Pascagoula to Vancleave
Cassidy Rice 3 Pascagoula to Vancleave
Kendyl Rice 7 Pascagoula to Vancleave
Leslie Smith 11 St. Martin to Harrison Cty

H. Licensed Resignations 2003-2004

Michelle Bowden Teacher VUE Vancleave
Suzanne Penn-Dudiak Math Teacher SMMS St. Martin
Deanna Rawls Staff Development Coordinator ECHS East Central

I. Non-Licensed Resignations 2003-2004

Dana Crane SPED Teacher Assistant ECLE East Central
Tessie Necaise Maid SMHS St. Martin
Annie Stamp Maid SME St. Martin
Jana Walmsley Teacher Assistant VLE Vancleave
Elenora Davis SPED Assistant Teacher SMN St. Martin
Lionel McCoy Bus Driver St. Martin
Chris LeBatard Bus Driver St. Martin
Janice Smith Bus Driver St. Martin
Robert Griffin Substitute Bus Driver St. Martin
Margie Breedlove Bus Driver St. Martin
Richard Keloher Bus Driver St. Martin
David Gregory Bus Driver St. Martin

J. Licensed Recommendations - 2003-2004

Jill Bounds Holcomb 7th Reading SMMS St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep S. Penn-Dudiak)
Peggy Logan Spanish ECHS East Central
(8/04/2003, new approved position)
Diana Kulakowski Staff Development Coordinator ECHS East Central
(8/04/2003, rep D. Rawls)

K. Non-Licensed Recommendations - 2003-2004

Adrinne Dawn Dement 1st Grade Teacher Assistant SMN St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep S. Hoag)
Karolyn Renee Bullock Long-Term Substitute VLE Vancleave
(Start Date Approximately 8/07/2003, long-term subsitute for T. Poole, 1st grade VLE, $100.00 per day)
Students Co-op Student Workers Vancleave
(8/01/2003, Kate Davis, Rhiannon Waller, Brenda Waltman, Courtney Shows, Katie Combest, $5.15 per hr to be reported monthly)
Patricia Lowery SPED Assistant, SMN St. Martin
(8/07/2003, rep E. Davis)
Kathryn A. Pouncey Migrant Recruiter/Advocate Migrant
(8/07/2003, $22.00 per hr, to work over 20 hrs per week as Migrant Recruiter/Advocate at Harrison Cty Schools)
Suzanne Craft Office Assistant EC Admin East Central
(8/11/2003, new approved position)
Starr Bloodworth Teacher Assistant ECLE East Central
(8/07/2003, rep K. Walters)
Students Afternoon Student Workers East Central
(8/07/2003, Randy Waltman, Jared Porter, Josh TerKeurst, $5.15 per hr)
Robert Griffin Bus Driver St. Martin
(8/07/2003, rep M. Breedlove, change from 1.5 aid to fill A Driver)
Christine Thompson Bus Aide St. Martin
(8/07/2003, rep C. LeBatard, change from 1/2 aide to full aide pay)

L. Executive Session


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