Agenda as amended and approved on June 23, 2003

Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

June 23, 2003
Interim Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order (p)

2. Invocation (p)

3. Pledge of Allegiance (p)

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items (p)

5. Approve Agenda (p)

6. Approve Minutes: April 28, 2003, May 12, 2003, June 2, 2003

6. William H. Lee, Jr., Ed.D. - Superintendent

A. Harold Rushing - Business Manager (p)

1. Claim Docket, Funds(p)
2. Fixed Assets: (a) Surplus Property, (b) Donated Property
3. 16th Section Disbursements
4. One Source Items
5. Presenting Student Activity Accounts - May 2003
6. Receipts and Disbursements - May 2003
7. Budget Update (After Executive Session)
8. Bids on School Depositories

B. Dr. Havard - Assistant Superintendent (p)

1. Approve Student Handbooks

a. Elementary Handbook: On Internet, Word Document- Table of Contents and Handbook
b. Middle School Handbook: Word Document - Table of Contents and Handbook
c. High School Handbook: Word Document - Table of Contents and Handbook

C. Sam Berry - Mississippi Forestry Commission (p)

1. Approval to Plant Trees on 100 Acres 16-4-6 (p)

D. Jim Lucas - Transportation/Insurance Director (p)

1. General Liability and Vehicle Insurance Renewal (2003-2004) (p)

E. Lark Christian - Food Service Director (p)

1. Award of Small Equipment Bids (p)
2. Request to Bid Out Equipment
3. Update on Moving Trailer at St. Martin East

F. Margaret Bush - Special Education Director

1. IDEA/Part B and Preschool Project Application 2004

G. Dr. Lee - Superintendent (p)

1. Aaron Masters - Compton Engineering - Moved Forward (p)
2. Approval to Purchase a Used Maintenance Truck - East Central (p)
3. Requests for New Positions - East Central Middle School, East Central High School, Vancleave Middle School, St. Martin High School (p)
4. Request for Trailer to be Placed at Vancleave Upper Elementary for Security Purposes (p)
5. Approve Alternative School Handbook (p)
6. Approve Retirement Resolution for Linda Massey, SMN Teacher Assistant
7. Approve Amendment for 2003-2004 Migrant Budget
8. Approve Request for Janitorial Service at SMHS
9. Request Emergency License - Library Media Specialist - East Central Upper
10. 16th Section: Approval to Advertise for Bids on Hunting and Fishing Leases - 16-6-6 and 16-6-8
11. Approve Change from Summer School to Extended School Year Program at SMHS

H. Legal Student Transfers - 2003-2004

Thomas Noah Turner Pre-Kdg St. Martin to Biloxi
Christian Elizabeth Turner 4 St. Martin to Biloxi (p)
Logan Marie McLeod 4 George Cty to East Central (p)
Mark Jones Kdg East Central to Vancleave (p)
Elizabeth Fountain 3 St. Martin to Harrison Cty (p)
Catelyn Leviner 4 Pascagoula to East Central (p)
Tyson Deon Roach 9 Vancleave to Biloxi
Kathleen Byrd 6 Harrison Cty to St. Martin
Conrad Sinclair 1 Harrison Cty to St. Martin
Cameron Sinclair Kdg Harrison Cty to St. Martin
Matthew Pickich 12 St. Martin to Biloxi
Rachel Pickich 9 St. Martin to Biloxi
Michael Pickich 2 St. Martin to Biloxi
Tyler Denmark 8 Moss Point to Vancleave
Hayden Denmark 6 Moss Point to Vancleave
Morgan Steen 3 Jackson Cty to Pascagoula
Dustin Steen 5 Jackson Cty to Pascagoula
Daniel Adcock 10 Jackson Cty to Pascagoula
Carly Adcock 6 Jackson Cty to Pascagoula
Stacy Long 9 Jackson Cty to Pascagoula
Zachary Thweatt 2 Jackson Cty to Pascagoula
Joshua Thweatt Kdg Jackson Cty to Pascagoula
Christopher Reece 9 St. Martin to Biloxi

I. Trips (p)

1. MS Rural Water Association & MS Dept of Environmental Quality, June 10-12, 2003, Biloxi, S. Aloisio, D. Collins (Misc Activity)

2. OSL Training, Sept 15-16, 2003, Gulfport, C. LeBatard (no cost) (p)

3. OSL Training, Nov 7, 2003, Hattiesburg, C. LeBatard (no cost) (p)

4. OSL Training, Oct 9-10, 2003, Gulfport, C. LeBatard (no cost) (p)

5. State Conference for Child Nutrition, June 25-26, 2003, Gulfport, L. Christian (Food Service) (p)

6. Accountability: Are You Ready?, June 10, 2003, Gulfport, L. Budinich, C. Honeycutt, T. Carroll (Professional Development) (p)

7. Gangs, Cults, and Violence in the School Setting, July 9, 2003, Jackson, Dr. Havard (District) (p)

8. Office of Educator Licensure Training Workshop, July 1, 2003, Jackson, Dr. Havard (District) (p)

9. A+ Certification/OS Part II, May 8, 2003, Mobile, AL, S. Cote (JCTC) (p)

10. MAFEPD Summer Conference, July 13-16, 2003, Biloxi, Dr. Havard (Title 1) (p)

11. Ropes Challenge Course, Aug 22-24, 2003, Milton, FL, Lt. Col. Thompson, Msgt J. Souza, 4 additional adult chaperones, approximately 30 AFJROTC cadets (USAF) (p)

12. Grant Writing Workshop, July 17, 2003, Plant Daniel, Escatawpa, T. Green (no cost)

13. Annual Coaches Clinic, July 16, 2003, Jackson, S. Sisson, D. Crane, R. Magee, T. Melton, T. Bailey, K. Sapp, K. Tucker, G. Long, Bo Long, Brent Long (Activity-Local Athletics)

J. Licensed Resignations 2003-2004 (p)

Emily Caroline Seal Teacher VUE Vancleave (p)
Kay McGuffie Librarian/Media Specialist VHS Vancleave (p)
Shane Trosclair History Teacher/Coaching VHS Vancleave (p)
Kristy Cook-Gregor Special Ed Teacher SMN St. Martin (p)
Michael Vernon Band Director ECHS East Central (p)
Rhonda Harris Teacher SMN St. Martin
Twila Allen 3rd Grade Teacher SMN St. Martin
Gary Long 9th Grade Head Football Coach East Central

K. Non-Licensed Resignations 2002-2003 (p)

Benjamin Chase Seymour Summer Student Worker St. Martin (p)
Trey Barlow Summer Student Worker St. Martrin (p)

L. Non-Licensed Resignations 2003-2004 (p)

Betty McKinney Maid SMEE St. Martin (p)
Misty Santa Cruz Migrant Advocate Migrant (p)
Linda Massey Teacher Assistant SMN St. Martin
Rose Smith Advocate/Recruiter Migrant
Misty Santa Cruz Migrant Advocate Migrant
Jerry Twiggs Transportation Supervisor St. Martin

M. Licensed Recommendations 2003-2004 (p)

Gavin Lott Drivers Ed/Head 9th Gr Football VHS Vancleave (p)
(8/2003, rep M. Polk-Drivers Ed, filling vacancy - Head 9th Gr Football)
Tom Beaver Counselor VHS Vancleave (p)
(7/01/2003, rep D. Hoffman)
Amanda Stringer Head Girls Soccer Coach VHS Vancleave (p)
(8/04/2003, filling vacant position)
Tiffany Tuberville Adams Science Teacher/Tennis Coach VHS Vancleave (p)
(8/04/2003, Science - filling vacant position from VUE,Tennis Supplement -
rep S. Trosclair)
Connie Helmuth Dance Coach VHS Vancleave (p)
(8/04/2003, filling vacant position)
Wendy O'Conner 5th Gr Teacher SMUE St. Martin (p)
(8/04/2003, rep P. Rowlands)
Sarah A. Jenkins English Teacher VHS Vancleave (p)
(8/04/2003, rep J. Ryan)
Elizabeth Butler English Teacher VHS Vancleave (p)
(8/04/2003, rep C. Shields)
Alexandra G. Horsby 6th/7th Science SMMS St. Martin (p)
(8/04/2003, rep G. Havard)
Cheryl Nelson 4th Grade Teacher ECUE East Central (p)

(8/04/2003, rep M. Cole)

Jamie Ryan 8th Reading SMHS St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep 1/2 Twiggs, 1/2 Holland)
Regina Papania Bell 8th Grade Self-Contained SMHS St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep K. McQueen)
Jennifer Sanford 5th Grade Teacher SMUE St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep T. Ladnier)
Sharon Carraway 5th Grade Teacher SMUE St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep D. Jones)
Gail Banks 3rd Grade Teacher SMN St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep T. Allen)
Stacey Forsman Special Education ECUE East Central

(8/04/2003, rep P. Cumbest)

Bob Lambes Social Studies/Head Boys Soccer Coach Vancleave
(8/04/2003, rep S. Trosclair)
Sarah Scott Teacher VUE Vancleave

(8/04/2003, new position-class size reduction, paid from Title II funding)

Eric Denmark Physical Education VMS Vancleave
(8/04/2003, rep R. Lambes)
Eric Denmark Assistant Football Coach VHS Vancleave
(8/04/2003, rep S. Trosclair)
Carrie Long 4th Grade Teacher ECUE East Central
(8/04/2003, rep S. Pierce)
Stephanie Pierce Librarian ECUE East Central
(8/04/2003, rep C. Denton)
Josh B. Bishop Social Studies/Coach ECHS East Central
(8/04/2003, rep S. Rudolph, pending certification)
Barbara Brown Special Education SMHS St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep N. Davenport)

N. Non-Licensed Recommendations 2002-2003 (p)

D'Aundre Johnson Summer Student Worker St. Martin (p)
(6/10/2003, rep T. Barlow, $5.15 per hr)
Herman Keys Summer Student Worker St. Martin (p)
(6/10/2003, rep B. Seymour, $5.15 per hr)
Roy Harper Special Ed Student Summer Worker Vancleave (p)
6/02/2003, $5.15 per hr)
John Mason Extended School Yr Behavior Specialist Special Ed (p)
(6/02/2003, June and July 2003)
Teachers Extended School Year Special Ed (p)

(06/02/2003, June and July 2003, K. Gregor, S. Lovelace, K. Murphy,
D. Parker, M. Yates, Extended School Year Teachers for Special Education)

Randall Herbert Bus Driver for Special Education Special Ed (p)
(6/02/2003, June and July 2003, Extended School Year_

O. Non Licensed Recommendations 2003-2004 (p)

Christi Hollis 1st Grade Teacher Asst ECLE East Central (p)
(8/07/2003, rep T. Noble)
Amy Johnson Title 1 Teacher Assistant ECLE East Central (p)
(8/07/2003, rep B. Tucker)
Kari White Recruiter/Tutor Migrant
(8/05/2003, Part-time, more than 20 hrs per week, $22.00 per hr)
Arthemese Pose Recruiter/Tutor Migrant
(8/05/2003, Part-time, more than 20 hrs per week, $22.00 per hr)
Dorothy Burton Recruiter/Advocate Migrant
(8/05/2003, Part-time, more than 20 hrs per week, $9.25 per hr)
Gloria Smith Recruiter/Advocate Migrant
(8/05/2003, Part-time, more than 20 hrs per week, $13.00 per hr)
Shirley Shumake 1st Grade Teacher Assistant SMN
(8/04/2003, rep S. Hoag)
Frederick Goins Recruiter/Advocate Migrant
(8/05/2003, Part-time, less than 20 hrs per wk, $9.25 per hr)
Sherry Ryan Nurse VUE Vancleave

(8/07/2003, rep T. Orzalli)

Ashley Hartsfield Title Assistant East Central
(8/04/2003, new position, pending Title I 2003-2004 Budget)

P. Executive Session: Student Hearings, Personnel, and Other Legal Matters (p)

Executive Session

(Personnel Transfers)



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