Personnel Transfers
Jackson County School District

July 14, 2003

1. Licensed Transfers 2003-2004

Terri Wilson

SPED Teacher

Special Education

(transferring to SMUE from SMMS)

Debbie Borries

1st Grade Teacher VLE


(transferring from VLE 1st grade teacher to VLE Title I Teacher, rep C. LeBatard, pending Title I Project approval)

2. Non-Licensed Transfers 2003-2004

Susan Strunk

Title Assistant SME

St. Martin

(8/07/2003, rep P. Heinrich, pending approval of Title I Project,
transfer from teacher assistant at SME)

Pam Heinrich

Teacher Assistant SME

St. Martin

(8/07/2003, rep S. Strunk, transfer from Title Assistant at SME)






























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