Agenda as amended and approved on July 14, 2003

Jackson County School District
Vancleave, Mississippi

July 14, 2003
Regular Session - 5:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order (p)

2. Invocation (p)

3. Pledge of Allegiance (p)

4. Approve Consent Agenda Items (p)

5. Approve Agenda (p)

6. Approve Minutes: June 23, 2003 (p)

7. William H. Lee, Jr., Ed.D. - Superintendent

A. Harold Rushing - Business Manager (p)

1. Claim Docket, Funds (p)
2. Surplus Property (p)
3. One Source Items
4. Approve Student Activity Accounts - May 2003 (p)
5. Presenting Student Activity Accounts - June 2003
6. Budget Information

B. Jim Lucas - Transportation/Insurance Director (p)

1. Approve Water Well Safety Policy (p)
2. School Bus Turnarounds 2003-2004, East Central, St. Martin, Vancleave

C. Carol Rudolph - Technology Coordinator (p)

1. Approve Acceptable Use Policy
2. Approve Technology Plan (p)

D. Dr. Barry Amacker - St. Martin High School Principal

1. Request Approval to Construct Ropes Course

E. Mike Perkins - St. Martin Athletic Director

1. Presenting St. Martin Athletic Handbook

F. Brad Stewart - East Central Assistant Superintendent

1. Encore - Sports Medicine Services

G. Dr. Lee - Superintendent (p)

1. Aaron Masters - Compton Engineering - Moved Forward (p)
2. Jackson County Board of Supervisors - St. Martin Request
3. Request for New Positions - ECHS

H. Legal Student Transfers - 2003-2004 (p)

Lauren Brown 8 Vancleave to St. Martin (p)
John McAfee 7 St. Martin to Biloxi (p)
Sinead McAfee 9 St. Martin to Biloxi (p)
James W. Wilkerson 10 St. Martin to Biloxi (p)
Lauren N. Taylor 5 St. Martin to Biloxi
Brittany R. Taylor 10 St. Martin to Biloxi
Savannah L. Taylor 2 St. Martin to Biloxi
Tristen Nicholson 1 Ocean Springs to Vancleave
Brenden Nicholson 3 Ocean Springs to Vancleave
Lesley D. Citizen 11 St. Martin to Biloxi
Sharly A. Citizen 7 St. Martin to Biloxi
Matthew Seaman 3 East Central to Pascagoula
Jeremy Watson 6 George County to East Central
John Watson 11 George County to East Central
Jordan L. Randall 8 Harrison Cty to St. Martin

I. Trips (p)

1. MS Occupational Diploma and School Based Business Training, July 8-9, 2003, Gulfport, S. Lovelace, M. Gianelloni, K. Spence, M. Everette, B. Johnson (Special Education) (p)

2. Blueprints for Quality Workforce Programs for Youth with Disabilities, July 23-25, 2003, Gulfport, M. Bush, S. Lovelace, G. Shemwell, M. Gianelloni, L. Hults (Special Education) (p)

3. Tech Prep Training, July 14-16, 2003, Brandon, MS, S. Hawkins (District) (p)

4. Recertification for ServSafe, Sept 10, 2003, Leakesville, J. Reus, K. Hall, B. Haire, S. Pedersen, D. Hilton, L. Jones, J. Stampley, J. Parker, H. Carroll, N. Overstreet, P. Williams (Food Service) (p)

5. Allied Health Program Update, July 15, 2003, Hattiesburg, D. Vecchio (JCTC)

6. Applied Business Concepts Luncheon, July 28, 2003, Biloxi, K. Swanson (District)

7. Ms. Association of Coaches Clinic, July 16-18, 2003, Jackson, M. Perkins, J. Wilson, D. Gregory, K. Fayard, G. Williams, D. Marsland, J. Smith, M. Van Winkle, K. Letort, C. Blake (SM Activity-Athletics)

8. Leading for Extraordinary Achievements, Aug 25-26, 2003, Biloxi, K. Swanson (District)

J. Licensed Resignations 2003-2004 (p)

Sam Leffingwell Band Director SMHS St. Martin (p)
Tara Leffingwell Special Ed 4th/5th SMUE St. Martin (p)
Suzanne Fairley Special Ed Teacher VHS Special Education
Carrie Long 4th Grade Teacher ECUE East Central
Terri Bailey 9th Grade Girls Basketball ECHS East Central
Patricia A. Trotter Science Teacher VHS Vancleave
Stacey Forsman Special Ed ECUE East Central
Brooke Church 5th Grade Teacher SMUE St. Martin

K. Non-Licensed Resignations 2003-2004 (p)

Royce Harvey Summer Adult Worker St. Martin (p)
Rodney Kirkwood Maintenance East Central
Monica Byrd Nurse ECUE East Central
Chris Eigenheer Summer Adult Worker St. Martin

L. Licensed Recommendations 2003-2004 (p)

Raquel Long Teacher SMN St. Martin (p)
(8/04/2003, rep R. Harris)
Andrew Ford Band Director ECHS East Central (p)
(8/04/2003, rep M. Vernon)
Gloria M. Randall 5th Grade SMUE St. Martin (p)

(8/04/2003, rep D. Jones)

Lorinda Watson

6th Grade Teacher ECMS East Central

(8/04/2003, rep M. Bond)

Cassandra Lizana Teacher SME St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep J. Campbell)
Sheila Cruso Title Computer Lab Teacher SME St. Martin
(8/04/2003, new position pending approval of Title I proejct, transferring from 3rd grade teacher)
Louis Peter Emond Middle School Band Teacher VMS Vancleave
  Middle School Band Supplement $2693.00  
(8/04/2003, rep A. Ford, pending certification)
Jennifer B. Wagner 1st Grade Teacher VLE Vancleave
(8/04/2003, rep D. Borries)
Paige McKnight 4th Grade Teacher ECUE East Central

(8/04/2003, rep C. Long)

Brian Knight Football (9th Grade), Basketball (9th Grade Girls ECHS East Central

(8/04/2003, rep G. Long (football), T. Bailey (basketball)

Assessment Team Members Licensed Special Ed

(8/01/2003, Teresa Baxley, Darleen Moore-VUE, Melanie Jones-VMS, Gail Shemwell-VHS, Cythia Woods-ECLE, Michelle Cadman-ECUE, Amanda Clark - ECMS, Kathy Persons-ECHS, Terri Mason-SMN, Shirley Brown-SMM, Shirley Lovelace-SMHS, David Ross-SMHS, Connie Wright-SMUE; $800 supplement, Funding Source - IDEA Budget 2003-2004)

John Mason Supplement for Behaviorial Specialist Special Education
(8/01/2003, being recommended for $1200 supplement - IDEA Budget 2003-2004

MEET Team Members

Licensed Special Education
(8/01/2003, MaryAnn Meehan, Sylvia Herring, Diane Ferrer, Mike Pavlov, being recommended for $800 supplement, IDEA Budget 2003-2004)
Carrie Grafe Special Ed Teacher SMUE Special Education
(8/04/2003, rep T. Leffingwell)
Jeana Johnson Class Reduction Teacher SME St. Martin
(8/04/2003, new position, pending approval of federal project)
Bryan Givens 6th-8th Grade Art ECMS East Central
(8/04/2003, filling new approved position, pending certification by MDE,
Lynn V. Hults Special Ed Teacher VHS Vancleave
(8/04/2003, rep S. Fairley)
Linda C. May Teacher SME St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep S. Cruso)
Nancy Deabler Special Education ECUE East Central
(8/04/2003, rep P. Cumbest)
Anthony Gruich 6th Grade English/Reading VMS Vancleave
(8/04/2003, new new approved position)
Charles Todd Simpson Band SMHS St. Martin
(8/2003, rep S. Leffingwell)
Karen Elizabeth Abbott Music Teacher SMN St. Martin
(8/04/2003, rep B. Grimes)

M. Non-Licensed Recommendations 2003-2004 (p)

Jo Ann Bodin Summer Adult Worker St. Martin (p)

(7/07/2003, rep R. Harvey)

Lisa Roberts Library Assistant SMUE St. Martin

(8/04/2003, new position, pending approval of Title I application)

Chris Watkins Title I Assistant ECLE East Central

(8/07/2003, new position, pending approval of Title I application)

Meagan Goff Co-op Student - Office ECLE East Central


John Lee Summer Adult Worker St. Martin
(6/30/2003, rep C. Eigenheer)
Kim Goss Title I Assistant ECUE East Central
(8/04/2003, new position, pending approve of Title I application)
Josef Rankin Special Ed Assistant SMHS St. Martin
(8/2003, rep G. Papania-Bell

N. Executive Session (p)

Personnel Transfers



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