Jackson County School District

The Jackson County School District administers a comprehensive student assessment program in accordance with the provisions of the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) regulations and the requirements of the College and Career Readiness Standards. The testing program is divided into three major compaonents: The Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP), the Subject Area Testing Program (SATP), and the American College Testing Program (ACT).

The Map Test is administratered to all students enrolled in Algebra I, English II, as well as grades 3 - 8, including special education students whos Individual Education Plan (IEP) specifies instructional goals that are aligned with the MDE Curriculum Standards for Math and English.

The SATP constists of two academic, end-of-course tests. Since the 2001-2002 academic year, students have been required to pass the subject area test(s) as a requirement for graduation. The SATP assesses students in the academic areas of Biology and U.S. History from 1877.

The ACT Test is administered statewide during the spring semester to all students classified as Juniors in high school. Results of the MAP, SATP, and ACT are utilized in the accountability model which is based on Mississippi's College and Career Readiness Standards of 2014.

Other assessments include the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) given to all English Language Learners, the Kindergaten Readiness Assessment (MKAS) which is required of all pre-school and kindergarten students who are not classified as Severely Cognitively Disabled (SCD), as well as the Mississippi Science Test (MST) which is given to students in grade five and eight.

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