The mission of the Jackson County School District is to provide a safe, nurturing environment
conducive to quality education wherein all students have the opportunity to obtain the essential
skills necessary to achieve the goals of their choice and to become responsible, productive citizens.


Each school in the Jackson County School District shall develop a Professional Development Plan.
This school plan will be consistent with the provisions of Mississippi Department of Education
publication, Professional Development for the New Millennium. Each school shall submit a plan
in a standard format, which includes a list of the methods of assessing staff needs, goals and
objectives and evaluation strategies.

Goal 1. Improve school climate through training in classroom management and school safety.

Objective 1.1 Improve school safety through documented implementation of crisis management plans, safety drills, and training in CPR and other safety techniques.

Objective 1.2 Reduce the number of discipline referrals and alternative school placements through the implementation of effective classroom management techniques and consistent and positive disciplinary measures.

Objective 1.3 Develop student character through implementation of character and substance abuse curricula, which will be measured by the frequency of discipline referrals, student fights/episodes of violence and alcohol and substance abuse occurrences.

Goal 2. Increase student performance of all students in the areas reading, writing, language and mathematics.

Objective 2.1 Through implementation of effective instructional strategies and methodologies, increase the percentage of students scoring in the proficient and advanced categories on all assessments that are part of the Mississippi Curriculum Content Assessment System.

Objective 2.2 Increase the percentage of students scoring at levels three (3) and four (4) on the 4th, 7th, and 10th grade writing assessments through implementation of effective strategies for developing student’s writing skills.

Objective 2.3 Increase staff expertise in use of Mississippi Curriculum Frameworks and in analysis of assessment data as evidenced by the development of curriculum plans, and remediation strategies and by student performance on state assessments.

Objective 2.4 Increase staff capacity to understand and implement sound practices related to working with students with disabilities as evidenced by the performance of Special Education students on the Mississippi Curriculum Test and on those Subject Area Testing Program assessments on which they are assessed.

Objective 2.5 Improve classroom instruction and assessment strategies as evidenced through improved pass/fail rates for students.

Goal 3. Increase faculty and student use of technology as an instructional and reference tool.

Objective 3.1 Increase staff capacity to utilize instructional software in order to promote student learning, as evidenced by documentation of student/teacher usage rates and student performance on computer-based assessments, teacher-made assessments, and standardized assessments.

Goal 4. Improve the quality of instruction and the level of qualifications of teaching staff.

Objective 4.1 New instructional methods and strategies will be implemented in the classroom as evidenced by implementation/evaluation reports, lesson plans, and teacher evaluation results.

Objective 4.2 Teachers and teacher assistants will increase their level of qualification through taking additional coursework in content-related areas, as evidenced by records of coursework completed and administrator evaluation of staff.

Objective 4.3 Increase the degree of horizontal and vertical articulation of curricula through documented staff meetings to plan articulation activities (Tech Prep) and to share information and strategies across grade levels regarding state frameworks and assessments.

Goal 5. Increase the level of parental involvement in the schools.

Objective 5.1 Improve school/parent communication as evidenced through documented correspondence related to student performance.

Objective 5.2 Improve teacher/parent knowledge related to how parents can assist in improving student performance as evidenced through documentation of attendance at parent meetings and evidence of instruction in strategies aimed at improving student performance.

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