Policies - Section J


JAA Equal Educational Opportunities
JAB Student Handbooks
JBB Entrance Age
JBC Student Admissions
JBCB Education of the Homeless School Age Children
JBCCA Assignment to Schools
JBCD Transfers and Withdrawals of Students
JBCDA Students Transferring from Non-Accredited Schools and Home Study
JBD Absentee Policy (Students)
JCAC Child Abuse Reporting Policy
JCD Student Code of Conduct
JCDAD Bus Conduct
JD Student Discipline
JDA Corporal Punishment
JDAA School Safety and Weapons on School Property
JDAB Student Drug Testing
JDB Anti-Hazing
JDC Bullying
JDCA Student Restraint & Seclusion
JDD Procedure for Dealing with Long-Term Suspension or Expulsion
JDH Student Discipline (Students with Disabilities)
JDRHD Summer Training Tech Prep Teachers
JF Valedictorian and Salutatorian Recognition for Academic Achievement
JFA Academic Achievement
JGC Student Health Services
JGCB Health Policies Regarding Immunizations and Medications
JGCBA Asthma Medications
JGCC Communicable Diseases
JGCE Pandemic Policy
JGF Unsafe School Choice Option
JGFB Leaving School Grounds
JGFC Student Transportation - Technology Center
JGFF Traffic Control on Campuses
JH Eligibility for Extracurricular Participation
JHA Student Message at Athletic Events
JHB Concussion Management and Return To Play
JHC Student Organizations and Extracurricular Activities
JHDA Senior Trips
JN Academic Awards and Honors
JQH Dropout Prevention
JQKA Foreign Exchange Students
JR Student Records - Family and Student Privacy Policy
JRA Student Records
JRB Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
JS Fee Policy

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