Policies - Section E


EB Buildings and Grounds Management and Maintenance
EBBA Cross Connection Control
EBBB Possession of Weapons on School Premises
EBBC Emergency Drills
EBBC-R Emergency Management / Disaster Plans
EBBD Water System Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
EBCA Vandalism Protection
EBH Use of School Facilities
EBHA Housing on School Property
EBHAB Use of Athletic Field
EBHC 16th Section Land - Marking of Boundary Corners
EBHD 16th Section Land - Hunting / Fishing Lease Minimum Bid
EDC School Bus Safety
EDCA Bus Videos
EDD Pupil Transportation Route Planning
EDE Vehicle Maintenance Shops
EDFA CDL License Fee and Medical Exam for Drivers
EDG School Vehicle Policy
EEAB Inkind Food Service Meals
EECA Competitive Foods Policy
EECB Wellness Policy
EED Food Service Collection Procedures
EEDA Food Service Charge Policy
EEE Food Service Procurement Procedures
EEF "Offer Versus Serve" Policy
EEG Food Service Verification Policy
EGA Prohibition Against Aiding and Abetting Sex Offenders in Obtaining Employment
EGC Insurance Eligibility and Enrollment Guidelines
EGD Fund Raising

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