Students of the Month

This year our focus is to promote kindness, compassion, and respect for all. It is our pleasure to congratulate the following students who exemplify those qualities for which has earned them a SMHS “Student of the Month:”
Andrew Perez-Ruiz is an amazing young man. He works until midnight almost every day of the week to help his family pay the bills while his mother battles cancer. His father had to go back to Mexico for work in order to make a better wage for his family, as Andrew is an Mexican immigrant. Daily he fights to stay awake and engaged in class, makes all A's, and always goes above and beyond academic expectations regardless of his personal feats. He is always willing to offer a helping hand to students who are having a hard time in class (with a definition, locating an answer, etc). Ms. Turner admires this young man for exhibiting exceptional integrity, overcoming adversity, and never negating the importance of his education. He is doing all of these things while continuously working to improve his English. Congratulations, Andrew!
Mrs. Gartman is honoring Tamia McFall. Saying that she is responsible and kind is an understatement. Tamia goes above and beyond to put a smile on her face no matter what the circumstance. Her kind spirit shows in her willingness to help her peers often serving as a big sister watching over them to make sure they are headed in the right direction and avoiding trouble. Tamia gives up her Friday nights when the Yellow jackets are playing at The Barlow assisting our announcer Rick Crawford. She troubleshoots those attempting to come into the press box and kindly redirects. She can be seen trotting from the press box trying to get urgent messages to those on the field. Tamia does this because she loves her Yellow jackets and wants to serve as a positive role model for all. We join Mrs. Gartman in congratulating Tamia.
Brendon Scurrah was nominated as a “Student of the Month” by Coach Brown. Brendon is often seen assisting students who struggle with reading and math showing patience and understanding. Brendon goes a step further asking some of the same struggling students to help him knowing that they, too, have plenty to offer. It is rare to see such a young student understand not only the importance of helping others but to also understand the worth that all students have. Brendon is a great student and a great member of SMHS. Congrats, Brendon.
The entire counseling department is honoring Jade Brown. She works in the office during 4th block and makes sure to ask everyone if there is anything that they need. If the counselors give her a task, rest assured that Jade will not only complete the task, but that she will do it right. If she does not finish something before the bell rings, she comes back the next day and immediately starts working without being asked. Jade is such a sweet, happy young lady, and we are thankful to have someone with a great attitude, smiling face, and willingness to work in the office. This opinion of Jade is shared by the secretarial and administration staff and join in congratulating Jade as a “Student of the Month"
Msgt McCoy is recognizing Cadet Emaleigh Poulos as a “Student of the Month.” Twenty-Eight AF JROTC cadets spent the better part of a Saturday assisting disabled veterans at their annual fall festival. Many of the disabled needed only assistance walking or getting around in their wheel chair, however, some were not so lucky. Emaleigh chose a veteran who was unable to walk or communicate through words we would all understand. She guided her through the maze of games and activities engaging her in conversation the entire way. When it was time to eat, Emaleigh, with love and kindness, slowly fed her veteran and remained by her side the whole day. Emaleigh, you demonstrated what it means to care for others and we are extremely proud to have you as one of SMSH AFJROTC Cadets! Congratulations, Emaleigh!  

Teachers of the Month

The teachers chosen for this honor are done so by their peers for their hard work, dedication and going above and beyond for the students. Check out who is the Teacher of the Month.

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