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Angela S. Heise
Art Teacher

B.A. in Art Education
M.A. in Secondary Education
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Katlin Bell
Band Director
Kate Sawyer
Choir Director
Anita Weems
Art Teacher
M.ed/Art Education - Wm. Carey

The St. Martin High School Fine Arts Department offers a wide variety of courses for students to explore. All of the Fine Art courses are broken down into specialized classes which allows for students to concentrate to one area or diversify their fine arts education. Every student must successfully complete 1 Carnegie unit of a Fine Art in order to graduate high school. All Advanced Studio classes are E-1 courses and Advanced Placement 2-D Design is an E-3 course. Many of the Fine Art teachers sponsor clubs after school and do many extra curricular activities with the students. The biggest venture that the department does together is the annual Art Gala. It is a fund raiser that helps supplement yearly classroom supplies and competition fees.

The following are the Fine Arts classes that are offered:

Visual Arts-
Art History, AP 2-D Art, Survey of Visual Arts, 2-D art, and 3-D art

Performing Arts-
Marching Band, Concert Band, Percussions, Music Appreciation,
Dance, Theater, Instrumental Music and Choir 1 & 2

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