Policies - Alphabetical Listing


16th Section Land - Hunting / Fishing Lease Minimum Bid EBHD
16th Section Land - Marking of Boundary Corners EBHC
Absentee Policy (Students) JBD
Academic Achievement JFA
Academic Awards and Honors JN
Accounting and Reporting DI
Activity Event Gate Receipts DKA
Administrative Positions CBG
Administrative Reports - District Educational Plan CN
Administrative Reports CO
Adopt-a-School LB
Advertising in School / Revenue Enhancement DPAB
Advisory Committees to the Board BBF
Agenda - School Board Meetings BCBD
Aiding and Abetting Sex Offenders in Obtaining Employment EGA
Alternative Education for Students with Disabilities IDAF
Alternative Education IDAE
Annual Operating Budget DC
Anti - Hazing JDB
Assignment to Schools JBCCA
Assistant Teacher Test Administration GBCB
Asthma Medications JGCBA
Athletic Facility Matching Grants DR
Athletic Passes - Interscholastic Athletics IDFAA
Attorney General Opinion Request BB
Authority for Emergency Closings GDRHB-2
Average Daily Attendance ADB
Bid Openings FGCC
Blueprints FED
Board Powers and Duties ABB
Buildings and Grounds Management and Maintenance EB
Bullying JDC
Bus Conduct JCDAD
Bus Videos EDCA
Capitalization of Fixed Assets DPA
CDL License Fee and Medical Exam for Drivers EDFA
Child Abuse Reporting Policy JCAC
Child Find Procedures, Evaluations, and Eligibility Ages 6-21 IDAD
Class Size / Enrollment Requirements IEC
Communicable Diseases JGCC
Competitive Foods Policy EECA
Concussion Management and Return To Play JHB
Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation ICL
Contract Copy for Buildings FGD
Copywright IA
Corporal Punishment JDA

Credit Recovery Policy IHAC
Criteria for Cheerleading Selection IDFB
Cross Connection Control EBBA
Curriculum Development and Planning ICB
District Assurance for Children with Disabilities IDDF
District Assurance for National Origin Minority Students IDDG
District Staff Cell Phone Policy GBRB
District Wide Salary Schedule GBDB
Donating and Receiving Leave GBRIB
Dropout Prevention JQH
Drug and Alcohol Policy GBO
Drug-Free Workplace GBR
Drug Testing Policy GBRM
Duties of Superintendent CEB
Duties of the Principal CGBA
Dyslexia Policy IDADABA
Early Graduation Policy IHFE
Education of the Homeless School Age Children JBCB
Eligibility for Extracurricular Participation JH
Emergency Drills EBBC
Emergency Management / Disaster Plans EBBC-R
Employment in Special Programs GBCA
Employment Non-Certified Personnel GCD
Entrance Age JBB 
Equal Educational Opportunities JAA
Equal Opportunity Employment GAAA
Equivalence Among Schools Instructional Resources IF
Evaluation of Certified Staff GBI
Evaluation of the Superintendent CEI
Examinations and Exemptions IHAA
Extended School Year/Summer School Programs AEBA
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) JRB
Federal Aid to School Districts DFC
Fee Policy JS 
Field Trips and Excursions IFCB
Financial Reports DIB
Fiscal Management Goals & Objectives  DAA
Food Service Charge Policy EEDA
Food Service Collection Procedures EED
Food Service Procurement Procedures EEE
Food Service Verification Policy EEG
Foreign Exchange Students JQKA
Fund Balance DCA
Fund Raising EGD
GED Program IDDI
Goals and Objectives of the School Board BA
Grading and Report of Progress for Students with Disabilities IHAB
Graduation Policy for Students with Disabilities IHFA
Health Policies Regarding Immunizations and Medications JGCB
Hearing and Vision Screening/Observation  IDDFE
Housing on School Property EBHA
Inkind Food Service Meals EEAB
Instructional Goals IB
Instructional Services IFB
Insurance Eligibility and Enrollment Guidelines EGC
Insurance for Retirees GDRHD
Intellectually Gifted Education Programming
Internet Acceptable Use Policy IFBH
Internet Safety Policy IFBI
Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired GFABHB
Interscholastic Athletics   IDFA
Investment Earnings DFL
Job Description: 7th Grade Football Coach GFBDA
Job Description: 7th Grade Assistant Football Coach GFBDB
Job Description: 7th Grade Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls) GFBDC
Job Description: 8th Grade Football Coach GFBDD
Job Description: 8th Grade Assistant Football Coach GFBDE
Job Description: 8th Grade Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls) GFBDF
Job Description: 9th Grade Basketball Coach (Boys & Girls) GFBDG
Job Description: 9th Grade or Middle School Head Baseball Coach GFBDH
Job Description: 9th Grade or Middle School Assistant Baseball Coach GFBDHA
Job Description: 9th Grade or Middle School Head Softball Coach GFBDL
Job Description: 9th Grade or Middle School Assistant Softball Coach GFBDLA
Job Description: Administrative Assistant GFBCB
Job Description: Assistant Business Manager GFAL
Job Description: Assistant Principal GFBCA
Job Description: Assistant Superintendent - Attendance Centers GFB
Job Description: Assistant Superintendent - Central Office GFA
Job Description: Assistant Teacher (Aide)  GFBCD
Job Description: Athletic Director GFBD
Job Description: Bilingual Tutors GFABK
Job Description: Board of Education Secretary GFAAE
Job Description: Bus Aide GFBEB
Job Description: Business Manager GFAK
Job Description: Business Office Clerk GFAJ
Job Description: Cafeteria Manager GFACB
Job Description: Career Center Technician GFBCE
Job Description: Computer Technician GFAEA
Job Description: Computer Technician II GFAEC
Job Description: Corrective Therapist GFAEC
Job Description: Director of Human Resources and Risk Management GFAA
Job Description: Director of School Food Service GFAC
Job Description: Director of Special Education GFAB
Job Description: Director of Career and Technology Education GFAD
Job Description: District Bookkeeper GFAH
Job Description: Distance Learning Facilitator GFBCG
Job Description: Educational Technicians GFABI
Job Description: Elementary Curriculum Director GFAG
Job Description: Elementary Principal GFBC
Job Description: Executive Assistant GFAAF
Job Description: Fab Lab Manager GFABS
Job Description: Fab Lab Aide GFABT
Job Description: Guidance Counselor GFBCF
Job Description: High School Assistant Band Director GFBDAE
Job Description: High School Assistant Baseball Coach GFBDR
Job Description: High School Assistant Basketball Coach GFBDP
Job Description: High School Assistant Cheer Coach GFBDAFA
Job Description: High School Assistant Softball Coach GFBDT
Job Description: High School Assistant Football Coach GFBDN
Job Description: High School Assistant Soccer Coach GFBDY
Job Description: High School Assistant Volleyball Coach GFBDAI
Job Description: High School Band Director GFBDAD
Job Description: High School Cheerleader Coach GFBDAF
Job Description: High School Choral Director GFBDAG
Job Description: High School Cross Country Coach GFBDAB
Job Description: High School Dance Team Coach GFBDAH
Job Description: High School Golf Coach GFBDW
Job Description: High School Head Baseball Coach GFBDQ
Job Description: High School Head Basketball Coach GFBDO
Job Description: High School Head Softball Coach GFBDS
Job Description: High School Head Football Coach GFBDM
Job Description: High School Head Soccer Coach GFBDX
Job Description: High School Principal GFBA
Job Description: High School Tennis Coach GFBDZ
Job Description: High School Track Coach GFBDAA
Job Description: High School Volleyball Coach GFBDAC
Job Description: Homebound Teacher GFBCI
Job Description: Home/Community Liaison GFABL
Job Description: Job Coach GFBI
Job Description: Library Media Specialist GFBCCA
Job Description: Local Survey Committee Member (LSC) GFABP
Job Description: Maintenance I GFBG
Job Description: Maintenance II GFBH
Job Description: Mechanic - School Buses and Equipment GFBF
Job Description: Meet Team Central Office GFABQ
Job Description: Middle School Band Director GFBDI
Job Description: Middle School Cheerleader Sponsor GFBDJ
Job Description: Middle School Principal GFBB
Job Description: Middle School Track Coach GFBDK
Job Description: Nurse (Special Education) GFABF
Job Description: Nurse GFABFA
Job Description: Occupational Therapist GFABO
Job Description: Personnel Insurance Clerk GFAAB
Job Description: Physical Therapist GFABFB
Job Description: Positive Behavior Specialist GFABM
Job Description: Psychologist GFABB
Job Description: Psychometrist GFABC
Job Description: Receptionist - Central Office GFAAC
Job Description: School Based Technology Assistant GFAEB
Job Description: School Bus Drivers GFBEA
Job Description: School Food Service Coordinator GFACA
Job Description: School Food Service Worker GFACC
Job Description: School Resource Officer GFBJ
Job Description: School Web Master GFBCK
Job Description: Secretary to Business Manager GFAI
Job Description: Secretary to Special Education Director GFABE
Job Description: Secretary to the Superintendent and 16th Section Land Clerk GFAAD
Job Description: Special Education Case Manager GFABJ
Job Description: Staff Accountant GFAF
Job Description: Summer Curriculum Worker GFABR
Job Description: Teacher Aide Special Education GFABH
Job Description: Teacher GFBCC
Job Description: Technology Director GFAE
Job Description: Technology Trainer / Facilitator GFAED
Job Description: Test Coordinator, Counselor, ELL, Homeless and MSIS Coordinator GFBCH
Job Description: Transition Coordinator GFABG
Job Description: Transition Specialist GFABN
Job Description: Transportation Supervisor GFBE
Job Description: TST Instructional Interventionist GFBCJ
Jury Duty / Court Summons GBRHC
Leaves and Absences - Administrators CGPGB
Leaves and Absences GDRH
Leaving School Grounds JGFB
Minutes of Board Meetings BCBH
Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct Code GABA
Money and Fiscal Management DA
Multi Tiered System of Support
Nepotism GBJ
Non-Certified Substitute Pay GDRHG
"Offer versus Serve" Policy EEF
Online Learning IJ
Open Records Policy (Public's Right to Know) KBA
Overtime and Compensatory Time GDRHC
Pandemic Policy JGCE
Participation in Graduation Ceremonies / Discipline Violations IHFF
Payroll Procedures DJC
Personal Care Assistant GFABHA
Personnel Appraisal Grievance Procedure GAEB
Personnel Records GAK
Policy Adoption BDC
Possession of Weapons on School Premises EBBB
Preschool - Ages Birth to 5 IDAC
Procedure for Dealing with Long-Term Suspension or Expulsion JDD
Professional Development GAD
Professional Leave - Certified Personnel GBRHB
Professional Personnel Assignment GBE
Professional Personnel Qualifications and Duties GBA
Professional Personnel Recruitment and Employment GBC
Professional Personnel Separation GBN
Professional Personnel Suspension / Dismissal GBK
Professional Personnel Work Load GBRC
Prohibition Against Aiding and Abetting Sex Offenders in Obtaining Employment EGA
Pupil Transportation Route Planning EDD
Purchase Orders and Contracts DJEG
Purchasing Authority DJEA
Purchasing Procedures DJE
Reduction in Certified Staff (RIF) GBKA
Reporting of Violent Acts Procedures GAMB
Requirements for Graduation IHF
Return to Work Policy GBRHA
Rules of Order of Board Meeting BCBF
Safety Policy GBNA
Salary Scale: Administrative GGBA
Salary Scale: Assistant School Nurse GGBJ
Salary Scale: Cafeteria Manager GGBN
Salary Scale: Career Center Technician GGBM
Salary Scale: Computer Technician GGB
Salary Scale: Computer Technician II GGBAA
Salary Scale: Custodian / Janitor/Maid GGBE
Salary Scale: Educational Interpreter's GGBL
Salary Scale: Executive Assistant GGBHA
Salary Scale: Food Service Employees GGBF
Salary Scale: Maintenance / Mechanic GGBI
Salary Scale: Office Machines Technician GGBK
Salary Scale: Part Time Office Assistants GGBGO
Salary Scale: School Bus Driver Compensation and Leave GGBG
Salary Scale: School Bus Aide GGBGA
Salary Scale: School Nurse GGBJA
Salary Scale: Secretarial / Bookkeeping GGBH
Salary Scale: Supplement Scale GGBB

Salary Scale: Teacher Assistants / Aides / Library Aides

Salary Scale: Fab Lab Aide GGBDA
Salary Scale: Teacher GGBC
Salary Scale: Transition Specialist GGBO
Service Dogs ICC
Sex Education Policy ICBA
School Board Policies BD
School Bus Safety EDC
School Calendar AEA
School Day AF
School Holidays (Administrative Responsibility) CGP
School Libraries IFBD
School Properties Disposal (Used Tires) DO
School Safety and Weapons on School Property JDAA
School Vehicle Policy EDG
School Year AE
Science Curriculum-Resources / Equipment and Supplies ICA
Section 504-ADA-Procedures (Students) IDDHB
Selection of Educational Media MBAA
Senior Trips JHDA
Sensory / Gross Motor Equipment IDADB
Sexual Harassment
Special Education Equipment Identification DJEAC
Special Education Personnel Fully Funded by IDEA Part B GBCAB
Special Education Personnel Partially Funded by IDEA Part B GBCAC
Special Education Purchases DJEAB
Speech - Language Screening IDDFA
Staff Decision-Making / Staff Community Relations
Staff Grievance Procedure
Staff Travel Out-of-District / In-District
Student Activities and Fund Management
Student Admissions
Student Assessment External Review Teams
Student Assignment / School Boundaries
Student Code of Conduct
Student Discipline (Students with Disabilities)
Student Discipline
Student Drug Testing  
Student Handbooks
Student Health Services
Student Message at Graduation Ceremonies
Student Message at Athletic Events
Student Organizations and Extracurricular Activities
Student Promotion and Retention, Grading and Reporting
Student Records - Family and Student Privacy Policy
Student Records
Student Restraint & Seclusion
Students Transferring from Non-Accredited Schools and Home Study
Student Transportation - Technology Center
Subject Area Testing Program Policies and Procedures
Substitute Teacher / Administrator Pay
Summer Training Tech Prep Teachers
Supervision of Students
Teacher Handbooks
Technology Center Advisory Council / Committee
Testing Programs
Title 1 - Parental Involvement
Title 1 - Public Complaint
Title IX / Section 504 Americans with Disabilities Act Procedures
Tobacco Free Environment
Traffic Control on Campuses
Transfers and Withdrawals of Students
Travel for Superintendent (Out of District)

Unsafe School Choice Option
Use of Athletic Field
Use of Media in the Classroom
Use of School Equipment
Use of School Facilities
Vacancies Professional Staff
Valedictorian and Salutatorian Recognition for Academic Achievement
Vandalism Protection
Vehicle Maintenance Shops
Visitors to the School Campus
Water System Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
Wellness Policy EECB

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